Friday, January 27, 2006


The creative juices continue to flow! It is birthday time over at where I host all of my scrapbook pages. Ok, so sometimes it is practically my second home, I admit it. You can check out my entire gallery at any time by searching out my username lalalime.

This layout is of a sweet young friend of ours - a lovely girl who's bubbly and happy manner lights up the day like a 120 watt bulb. Could sure use some light like that on a day like this. Our little valley is socked right in and it appears it will be so for a while yet. Miles will be out in the wicked moistness this morning filming - yes talented instructor (does not like the 'teacher' label) cum film star is directing and starring in a small production with the local Desert Center demonstrating the wonder of our arid pocket desert in the winter. I, on the other hand shall stay snuggled up to my nice warm computer for the day, playing with some of the software I've been drooling over.

We took in dinner last night at the China Palace in boasts the 'best buffet in town' - if that is the case its pretty sad for the city. It was ok. Mostly deep fried stuff with only two vegetable dishes thrown in. Not much on decor either. Did we have a waitress? I don't think so unless you count it as the fella who seated us. All in all, save your money and use it to have the best Dim Sum in the universe, right here in Osoyoos at the O'delights bakery.

You all have a wonderful weekend if I have not posted here before its over!

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