Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Sorry to any of you who may have been checkin' my blog and checkin' it twice - I was too busy living to blog over the holidays! However, this does make for loads of new 'fodder' for y'all to chew on.

Firstly, we spent Christmas at the coast with our family. We left here as soon as school let out and the first night we stayed at Mom and Dads, stowing all our gear. Somehow, I can never get away with less than 50lbs of luggage it seems, for these short trips. How is it that I take less than that in the van with us for the entire summer?

Miles swept me away to two blissful days at Harrison Hot Springs so we could connect before we rejoined the madding crowds. It was a romantic respite and we took full advantage of all the luxuries offered. We may make this a tradition!

After returning to our folks place, our dear sister Nina spent a day with us, coming over from Victoria. Can you imagine it has been seven years since our last visit? We laughed, cried, scrapped (digitally only!) shopped, and went out to lunch. It was pure happiness. This has to happen more often! I love ya Sis! :)

Our sister Michelle and her beautiful girls came the day before Christmas - children always complete perfect picture of Christmas. They are a delight to us!

Another BIG EXCITEMENT of the holiday though, was giving our Mom and Dad their present. We hired a bagpiper to come and play for them on Christmas Eve. It all came off without a hitch and they were really impressed.

We took in Boxing Day sales at several stores, and now I'm cured of shopping for a bit...

We arrived home on the 27th and have been working hard to restore normalcy back into our life. Several trips to the gym are chipping away at all that good food Mom fed us! Miles is learning new programs for his web design and I am going underground for the next few days to soak up some Adobe GoLive so I will be able to assist him by changing and uploading content.

For New Years I was blessed by my dearest husband with some stunning oriental dinnerware. We cooked up several Eastern dishes, preparing them ahead in the morning. I decorated the house in an elegant oriental theme and we both dressed up in our finest for dinner. Later that evening, we walked to Hayne's Point Provincial Park and Miles set off fireworks (just for ME!) at midnight to bring in the New Year.

I hope you all have a good start on 2006 and I look forward to sharing what God has in store for us too!

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