Thursday, April 30, 2015

Hybrid Project using KimB’s “Simple Pleasures” Kit!

FINALLY!  I’ve been working out how to print Kim’s beautiful kits onto a paper that I’m pleased with and I’m happy to say that our local KSPRINTING 

I just love Kim’s Simple Pleasures kit  at The Digital Press – and I pulled together a project in my head right away.

I started off with a 5 x 7 inch photo frame that’s been languishing in a cupboard and came to light during a purge.  The moment I saw it I knew I’d use it. I chose a french blue acrylic craft paint and then went over it with a coat of white.


So I printed the pieces of Kim’s Simple Pleasures kit to a large print and had such fun fussy cutting all the bits out for my project.  I laid everything out in Photoshop first so I knew all the elements I wanted to have “pop” were sized perfectly first.  I could have possibly used my trusty Silhouette Cameo to do my cuts only I’ve still not worked out exactly how to do that.  In the future, perhaps.  for now I’ll do it all the way we used to do paper cut out dolls when I was a kid.  Its kind of soothing, really.

Here’s my finished project and some close-ups of the details.


Don’t you just love it?  I used a whole lot of double sided foam dots to elevate elements to different sizes.  I appreciated the word art – it made for the center of focus while I built the theme all around with bits and bobs.  I also added some dimension to the text using Diamond Glaze.


Looks like he’s flying right into my scene.


I couldn’t resist making a tiny banner for the corner.  I had printed off some of the digital papers and just trimmed and snipped and then glued them to a bit of crochet thread.  I use crochet thread a lot!


I’ve always been a sucker for seahorses.  Ever since I was a little and always wanted to buy one of those kits you saw in the back of comics for growing your own “seahorses” – which I believe were really shrimp. 


I trimmed this pretty aqua starfish to nest in the corner and added the relax ontop.  A few sequins in different colors pull everything together.


And the last little ‘bling-thing” is this pretty shell.  I ran the edge through some diamond glaze and then added some pink glitter.  And of course, though this is not an oyster, the pearl accent seemed perfect. 

I highly suggest you hop over to The Digital Press and scoop up Kim’s Simple Pleasures kit – there is so much more that you don’t see. 

365 Photo of the Day


I saw this Northern Flicker “sleeping” this morning, but I fear it has an injury.


I think it may have a broken wing. 

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