Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Wedding and a Playing In Paradise Card and My “Preserve Posies” Displayed

I apologise my blog has been pretty quiet lately but I’ve been enjoying a lovely visit with my husband’s parents who are with us for three full weeks.  We treasure our time together and the days domino one into the other. 


Mr and Mrs Joseph Fernandes

My Mr. and I attended the wedding of Pastor of our church, Joseph and our dear friend Janice (who I’ve featured on my blog before) this past weekend.  It was held at Walnut Beach Resort here in Osoyoos and even though the days have been off and on … this day was perfect!  Not too hot nor cold which was wonderful being the ceremony took place on the beach of our beautiful lake.  We wish them a wonderful and blessed life together.



My "Preserves Posies” are on display at the Indie Lulu Living shop here on main street in Osoyoos!  My friend Susan made a special feature corner for them and its delightful and an honour to see them front and center!  Exclusive to the shop!

Now I’m working on a project with Father’s Day in mind.

I managed to put together a Playing in Paradise card for this week’s challenge.

Playing in Paradise #67


my take:


Designer Paper from Basic Grey

Stamps from Studio G

Heart Tags by Barb Derksen


I created this little tag specially for this card.  It measures 2 inches in width, 1/2 inch tall but you can resize it.  You will also wind up with a couple of extra heart cut outs, perfect for accent inside your card Smile   You can download the .studio file by clicking on the photo.  Enjoy!

Idea and file add on:

Ha, after making this tag it gave me a brilliant idea so I followed through with it and will share the idea itself and the resulting cutting file with YOU! 


So you know what the tag looks like from the link above, but looking at it I decided it would make a terrific mini bookmark too!  I simply doubled it by a duplicate mirror and then welded it together.  I only added the extra heart on one side though - gluing it on afterward.


Heart Tab and Heart Bookmarks

(I’ve made a zipped folder with both the tabs and the bookmarks)

click the following link:



After cutting your bookmark and hearts out then simply add a bit of magnet to each end.  I did not glue the end flat where the heart is because this way the bookmark can be either left peeking out so you can easily retrieve where you left off or you can also slide it right in snug to the pages so you can store the book away on the bookshelf and still have access later. 

This is an especially useful and frugal way to use up scraps of designer paper. (double sided gives added interest)   I’m going to make “sets” of four at a time.  I think they will prove to be popular.  Also (because I’m the QUEEN of frugal) I cut up old fridge magnets to use.  I mean we all get an over abundance of them with advertising on them.  I put the word around to my friends and they save them for me, glad that someone is recycling them.


  1. Love the wedding photo - beautiful :)

    Glad you enjoyed your visitors.

  2. Wow Sis, love the background emobossing. Fantastic tags you created too :)

  3. Thanks for Playing in Paradise this week! I love your heart tag especially since I always love a new studio file!

  4. looks like the wedding turned out great...they make an awesome couple. Love your canning flower are always thinking. And you got a card made too...awesome. Well have a great weekend with mom and dad. Hugs to all.


  5. So sweet! I love the embossed paper, and how you've coloured the birds - I've never inked up that stamp but have had it for ages...I need to change that. Thanks for playing along in Paradise with us again :)

  6. First of all, I love your photographs! So beautiful. I bet your friends love that top photo.

    Second, I love the magnetic bookmarks. A similar design has been a fleeting thought of mine for a while now, but I just haven't gotten around to it. Thank you for the files!

    Third, I'm happy to see your preserve posies so nicely displayed in the store. Isn't it thrilling to see your own work on a shelf in a pretty store?

  7. Hi Barb, thank you again for your continued generous shares. These bookmarks are darling and they will come in handy. My daughter will love having this bookmark. xxx-Debbie

  8. Good morning Barb:)
    Awww...they finally are husband and wife!! I know it had to be a special time for them.LOVE the photo. Looks like they are very happy.:)

    WOW..your own feature corner for your lovely designs!! HOW COOL!!:)You must be soo EXCITED about it!

    I LOVE your card too!How SWEET! Your tag is AWESOME! I LOVE your idea of the bookmark too.I have made my own bookmarks but..never thought of the magnet idea.You are always thinking up new and GREAT ideas my friend.I may never have another bookmark fall out of the book!!!! :)
    So happy you are enjoying your visit with the folks.I know you really treasure this I will let you get back to them.:)


  9. Oh..can't remember if I told you THANK YOU for the freebies. Got a call right as I was to the end of my post.LOL Thank you so much for ALL your COOL shares!!

  10. Great idea! thanks for sharing! very generous of you!


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