Monday, January 30, 2012

Mojo 226, the last of my ice photos and a FREE Vintage Image for YOU!


Here’s hoping you had a good weekend and your Monday zoomed by like mine did.  I managed to squeeze in this Mojo alongside my sister Nina this evening, it was my “treat” for the day – like the whip cream on the apple pie (salivating now)


Mojo Monday  226

And I chose square.  I know, rather dull of me.   In fact I kept it simple and let the paper do most of the work on this one.



Cardstock – base and piano, recollections. 

Gold Paper – handmade from India, purchased at Paper Nation.

I’m sorry I do not recall the tag designer paper name.

Gems – Forever in Time

Piano – cut from Silhouette SD store

I am in absolute awe how my Silhouette could cut the teensy tiny keys on the piano.  honestly it’s such a tiny fringe it’s like a feather part. 

Shhhhh this is going to be my anniversary card for my Mr as it’s sneaking up on us very fast.  (so when I disappear here you will know)  Valentines pales in comparison to our anniversary!  We have all sorts of wonderful hideaway plans!

I’m posting the last of my ice photos… that is unless we get another freeze which will compel me to go lay in the ice and snow again.   I hope you’ve been enjoying!

Into my heart’s treasury

I slipped a coin,

That time cannot rust,

Nor thief purloin;

Oh, better than the minting

Of a gold-crowned king

Is the safe-kept memory

Of a lovely thing.

- Sara Teasdale




Looks like a little ghost!


Looks like Bart Simpson’s sister Lisa’s eyes!



And I also have been “gathering images” – on a recent trip to an antiques shop I made a donation to the shop owner and took photos of … photos!  I’m going to share these with you for your own personal or commercial use projects (just don’t claim them as your own, please credit me!)  I will place a second copy under a new tab up top called Free Vintage Images.  I’d love to see how you use these!  Just click on the photo and right click and “save as”  These are in PNG format with a transparent background.


Strong Teeth _ Barb Derksen

right click and “save as”




  1. Great card! Great paper...I can see why you left the paper to do all the work.
    Well I am going to wish you and Miles a Happy Anniversary now because i will probably get distracted. Happens lots lately.
    So Happy Anniversary!!!!!!

    Big hugs!
    Sammy Miami :)

  2. Good morning Barb:)

    I LOVE your card and I know he will too.:) I'm thinking today I may actually get to do a card.Here's hoping anyway.LOL
    You are right..those ice pics do look like what you described.LOL
    Since you may disappear on us..I would like to wish you and Miles the BEST EVER anniversary!!! Hope you have a TERRIFIC time!:)

    Love and MISS you my friend!

  3. Barb, these ice pictures are totally "other" than your first ones years ago! I prefer the ones that look like ice-caves and waves. These are so solid; they don't look free and in motion ... that's the artist in me.


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