Monday, January 02, 2012

Mojo 222 and Random thoughts


First Mojo of 2012, how exciting!  All these 2’s – Mojo 222 and 2012, will my 2 key get overworked on my computer?

It’s good to be ‘pushed’ sometimes and this sketch certainly had me exploring new ideas.  I was so adventuresome that I once again have had to eat my own words – “I don’t like to do anything twice”  I wound up making two versions of the same sketch, varying the elements a little.  I wonder which you will like?





What you can’t see is that the grey vertical ribbon on this lower card and the grey strip behind the Happy Birthday sentiment on the top one, is actually very shiny reflective sheet, mirror like.  I was truly puzzled of what to place for the “flower” element in the sketch and finally decided to make a “square” flower by layering cardstock in alternating sizes and fastened them together with a brad.  The three round elements in a row are halves of “snaps” I picked up from a thrift store.  I find these are plentiful, inexpensive and go wonderful on masculine cards. 


Designer Paper – Junkitz Essentials Paperz

Cardstock – various

Stamp – Studio G

Embossing Sheet – Cuttlebug

Shimmer Sheetz – Elizabeth Craft Designs


A Complaint Free World update:

I made it through day 1 of the year… barely.  There was a questionable moment when something I said caused a youngster friend of mine to point out “That’s a complaint” but then my friend Amanda pointed out it was an observation rather than a complaint. 

Whew!  It really makes one think.  I’ve been finding creative ways to get around what would normally be a complaint.  I wonder if you can guess what could have been to the following statements I made today:

“I would rather be doing a lot of things than sorting out my basement storage area”

“I’m so glad we have such a big amount of storage area”

“I certainly know how to collect things!”

“Having an interrupted sleep sure makes me grateful for the nights I have a good sleep”

I’m sure I could slip up soon but for now I’m keeping my “complaint bracelet” on the same arm!


I saw this article on my NPR Radio Twitter feed this morning and I found it very interesting.  When we drove out to the coast for the holidays I was shocked to see how many people still hold a cell phone to the ear while driving, not just small car drivers either, but truckers!  Are people deluding themselves into thinking its not really dangerous?  I like this statement in the article:

"We want to make this like drunk driving where you don't walk into a party and casually say that you were drunk behind the wheel. People will look at you like you're insane," Adkins says.

How do you feel about this issue?


  1. Wonderful cards Barb, I think they are both fabulous. Great idea to use snaps on your card, I love that you added texture using an embossing folder as well.

    I seem to remember a certain bracelet that was sent you way....I still have mine.

  2. Wow, what great masculine cards! They've got just the right amount of funky metallic accessories and pattern/texture. Way to go!

    And about your question: my husband and I are both wholehearted supporters of a cell phone/texting while driving ban. Like you say, it's just nuts! Unfortunately too many people think it's a necessity and it will be hard to get them to stop.

  3. Good afternoon Barb!!:)
    I LOVE both cards!! Since you made will have a spare to use for another person.:)How smart!!hehe
    I love the way you use things you find for your cards.Love the snap idea!!:)
    I haven't been wearing a bracelet but have been aware of not complaining all the same.Think I will go with that saying..."If you can't say anything nice..don't say anything at all".LOL I hadn't tried turning it around the way you did. That could really work.:)

    They are trying to make it a law that you can't talk or text on your cell phone while driving.We see people here that still do that and just barely missed causing an accident. Some man in our neighborhood almost pulled right out in front of me..cause he didn't stop at a stop sign and his cell phone was up to his left ear thus blocking his view of me coming down the street towards him. I am NOT complaining...just stating a fact.LOL I think it's smart to just pull over as soon as you can and answer the call or call back.We see that a lot too.:)

    Love you!!

  4. I agree with you big time. people dont realize just how unbeleiveable dangerous it can be. Worse still, is TEXTING while driving! PLEASE, take the few minutes to watch this clip, and pass it on to those you love. Thsi message cansave lives

  5. Two fabulous cards! Love the masculine elements. Thanks for playing Mojo Monday!


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