Thursday, December 29, 2011

Home from the Holidays and Mojo 221

We spent Christmas with our family at the coast.  I’m so blessed to have in-laws who I love very much, especially precious to me as I don’t have my own parents or grandparents left. 

I treasure my Aunts and Uncles for they remind that life is a tapestry of weaved memories and we must be mindful to keep those memories alive or they could be lost forever.  We had a visit like this with our Aunt and Uncle who live right in the city and I enjoyed finding out things about my Uncle – things I never knew!  I’ve great respect for some of the jobs he did during his life.  And our Aunt dotes on us, she’s the hostess with the mostest!  

Of course we ate far too much as our Mom literally had buckets of candy that you had to migrate past through her Christmas-land of soft snow fluff and ornaments and candles.  She’s everything Christmas with decor in every corner.  Now I see my scale is telling me I’ve loaded on three extra pounds and will have to scale back.  That’s alright, its easy to do at home and besides, the food is what I love about the holidays.  It will be hit the gym etc in the coming days, only not today for I fear I’ve caught a cold.  It just ravaged through my sister in law’s house before they came for Christmas Day so it’s not surprising that I’ve got it, could not resist a hug or two on my nieces. 

And we loved having our daughter Dez home for the holidays, if only for a brief two days.  She arrived at Vancouver international airport in the deep of the night (2 a.m.) via her flight home from Houston, Texas where she was on a business trip.  She lives in Calgary but had her company fly her back to Vancouver to spend time with us, then she flew home out of Abbotsford airport.  So SO glad to have time with her, it’s been a YEAR since we got to hug her too!   We missed our daughter Melanie, but Mel lives much closer so we will be spending time with her very soon and celebrate Christmas all over again on a miniature scale. 

And and and I even got to have a coffee with another friend, Cicero!  She and I have been bloggie buds for a few years now and our friendship has stepped off the screen and very much into real life.  We’ve bible studied together and shared life’s ups and downs.  I’ve come to know and love you and the wonderful person you are.  Cis has a wonderful blog – always fabulous pics of the beautiful area she lives in and her recipes might make you have to protect your keyboard from drooling! 

Anyways, back at home and all settled in and able to play with the crafting supplies I was gifted with and also bought on Boxing Day sales too.  I was dying to play so have tackled the latest Mojo which is like a family tradition as my sister Nina, sister in law Judy, niece Samantha and dear friend Valinda all do with me as they are able.  I’ve missed it the past few weeks. 


Here is my take on Mojo Monday 221




I was dying to try my new Cuttlebug which was a gift to me this year!  (beeeammming!!!)  I used a happy birthday embossing folder on this orange paper.  I can see all sorts of possibilities – including making my very own folders, truly I’m a DIY experimental girl and I think I could do this, we will see. 

Supplies:  orange and blue cardstock, Designer Paper -  Surprise Party Cuttlebug embossing folder, Fiskars roller used to crinkle blue cardstock for cupcake base.  Orange Copic marker for accent on icing. 


  1. Welcome back my friend!!
    Sounds like you had an AWESOME time with your family and Cicero.Sure hope your cold takes a trip all by itself real soon...and doesn't land on anyone!!:)
    I LOVE your card and am THRILLED someone blessed you with a Cuttlebug! SWEET!!!:) Did you do the HAPPY DANCE?hehe
    I have missed you soo much..but opted to let you alone so you can visit with your family.:)Things have been one thing after the other since Christmas Eve for me...but I was finally able to enjoy some of the festivities.YAY!!
    Looking forward to seeing more of your wonderful cards etc.:)


  2. hurray ...she is home ...sounds like an awesome time. Glad to see you got a Cittlebug they are so your card...can't wait to see what design you make .

    Chat to you real soon...hugs and lots of love..

  3. So glad to hear you had a wonderful Christmas! So happy to have you back and so happy to see a new card.
    Your card is the added texture :) so glad you were gifted a cuttlebug...they are fun.
    Well i look forward to seeing more.

    Lots of love


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