Sunday, August 08, 2010

More Vacation – and Tatting (of course!)



We continued along in Idaho with our next stop being a spot we have passed a few times and never taken in – Shoshone Falls.  Very impressive. 




We are informed that Shoshone Falls are actually TALLER than Niagara Falls! 

After visiting there we pushed on and began to put our thinking caps on in the way that when the right place to rest our heads for the night should turn up we would be ready.  We then came across this refreshing place – Miracle Hot Springs.  The sign on the highway did not in any way indicate such a unique facility was waiting for our comfort!




The water was beautifully clean and warm and… soft and velvety, really.  Its the first time we’ve noticed a silky feel to the water at a hot springs. 




Next to the main pool is this covered in area which has hotter water piped in. 




There are 15 smaller private soaking pools, each with adjustable temperatures and changing rooms, available on a first come, first serve basis.




Four VIP pools are designed for larger groups and can be reserved in advance. After every use, each private pools is drained, cleaned and refilled with fresh water.

And if this were not enough…





There are “domes” which can be rented out – accomodation.  The two on the bottom are like hotel suites – they come with beds and all the luxuries.  There is another one which has matts provided, you bring your own bedding.  The one pictured at the top is a “group” dome.  Entire groups of people can stay in this one.  Looks like fun! 




I admit I thought this was to be a joke – to add some spice, but it appears it really is so!




There are actually three large alligators (in what I thought was a small :( area for these wonderful creatures.  They do look well cared for I admit and I understand they were either brought in or rescued from the New Orleans area.  At any rate, one is invited to view them being fed.  I think my honey thinks I’m like one of these grouchy beasts when I get up in the morning some days.  Well, till I’ve had my coffee and square of chocolate every day.  I know, I’m bad. 




There are pretty touches everywhere and the prices are very reasonable.  Wish we had a facility like this just down the road from us, specially in the middle of snowy old winter.  Perhaps when we retire we will travel around to all the hot springs in the middle of the blizzards and write a book about it.  If you would like to know more about Miracle Hot Springs just click on the the pretty flower photo. 



And while we were away I whiled away some hours and miles down the highways tatting up my first ever doily.  Its far from perfect but I was so glad I did it. 




And since I’ve been home I took the opportunity to tat a button pattern. I got the pattern created by Lisa C. Trumble from  the This and Tat blog – you can find it by clicking on the button tatting photo.  This website is chock full of good lessons and ideas.   I am not sure what I will use this for but its very cool I think.  Its giving me ideas.  Thats dangerous. 


  1. Good morning Barb:)
    Wow..I am surprised you came back home after that relaxing,beautiful, and enjoyable vacation.:)So happy for you to have had those wonderful experiences!
    Love your doily!! I use to crochet doilies until the thread got blurry.LOL It was fun figuring out the patterns etc.:) I am with you on the one with the button.Not sure how you could use it ..but knowing you...I know you will find a way.:)

    Thanks so much for sharing your trip with me.LOVED the ride.:)

    Love and hugs,

  2. wow what neat looking falls all the pictures ..that new camera is working out great for you. awww the hot springs this body sure could use them right now. Love the tatting ...awesome job Barb. Love and miss you have wonderful week ...maybe chat with you later.


  3. Looks wonderful!

    Back home from our hols - now at cottage.

  4. Hello sweet lady!

    Looks as though we are both back from our vacations and I've yet to post photos of Grandma's new li'l angel! I am working on those tonight and tomorrow.

    Barb, your photos are SUPERB and I just read that you won a Nikon! WOOT, WOOT for you girl!

    My little Canon started having issues while in Washington, so I ended up using my phone camera most of the time and while ever thankful that I was able to snap, they just aren't of the best quality. I'm hoping to play with them over the next few weeks as I'd really like to print a few and frame them.

    I made it to Boundary Road, which divides Bellingham, WA from Surrey, BC, and was happy to have made it that far! Next trip, we are hoping to cross the border via a ferry ride to Victoria to visit the Busch Gardens and then on to Vancouver. I shall have to be saving my pennies for quite some time, but it gives me something to look forward to, for sure!

    Love, love, LOVING your tatting! I'm SO glad you've done it too! VERY lovely specimens sweetie!

    Take care and WELCOME HOME you well-traveled woman! He, he ...

    Love and hugs,
    Linda :D


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