Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I See What You Mean...

Ah yes, I see what you mean.  My header no longer works with the template I've chosen.  Yes its either change the header or template.  Well I could be persuaded to do a new header - its about time. 

Since I've left posting so long I now have so much content that it would overwhelm if I were to do it all in one go.  I don't want to frighten you off so I will try to break it down into categories.  Here goes for the first one - visits. 

Each year my one and only sister comes for a week's stay.  I'm sure its what pulls her through the other 51 weeks of work.  We chatter and make plans months and months in advance.  In past years we have done things such as canning but this year we decided it was all about spending time together and relaxing.  The weather cooperated very nicely and she held me hostage on this floaty until we were both baked to a brown crispness.  I think she has some alligator blood for she could lay and lay and lay while I had to get wet every so often, disturbing her repose and serenity.  I swear she would still be out there floating around if I had not said I had to come in.  If I get all wrinkly in the next six months its due to her.  Truly it was an amazing time and I love you to smithereens Nina!  Only 11 months till the next visit - I've spruced up your room. 


"Are you the paparazzi?"

Next special visit was to see our brother Barry, Sister in Law Judy, Melissa, Samantha, Corey and their handsome baby Ethan.  Blushing to say this was my first time to ever see Ethan in person and to meet Corey.  Judy and Barry are still in the throes of renovating their mobile home and it was exciting to see the changes they've made.  We were treated to a gourmet meal of bbq fish - two sorts, that were melt-in-your-mouth delicious.  We had only one night as we were headed to the coast the next day to visit my in-laws.  It was so smokey in the morning, the air thick and syrupy with smoke which had drifted from the fires to the north of Kamloops. 

Judy and Barry you made us feel so welcome.  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  It was a precious time together.  Looking forward to our next time together - and to seeing your home when all your transformations are complete. 

The next stop was Abbotsford where we stayed with our folks (my in-laws) for 10 days.  Other than going to yard sales on the weekend (me, not my Mr) we stayed close to home as it was a "work-holiday" for my Mr who had prep to do for his school year - which started today.  While I stuck close with Mom and Dad, my man sequestered himself in the basement with his computer.  It was the only way we could manage it this close to the school opening.  The reason we visited was to celebrate both Mom and Dad's birthdays - this being Dad's 80th!  No photos here - they are shy and secretive and I respect and love them for it. 

We have others we would have loved to visit on the mainland but it would have been impossible this time.  I look forward to the next time we are able to drive into the city and spend time with our relatives.

Cicero and Mither

Ah, but I did squeeeeze in one more small outting - locally to Abbotsford.  Just so happened my friend Cicero (see blog links for Cicero - her version of our visit, Nina and Judy on my sidebar) was down to the coast to take care of some business and to spend time with her dear mother at the same time as we were there.

Cicero and her fiesty puppy Mingus, was sweet to meet me and ferry me about in her vehicle for have neither spent much time driving in the city, nor do I know my way around and surely would have gotten lost.  We drove to the home where her Mom stays and we had a wonderful chin-wag about "the good old days".  Gracious, I can only hope to be so spry at her 96 years of age! 

Mingus was a true gentleman and knew exactly how to fulfill his social obligations at the home - spending just enough time with each senior to get in a quick petting and pampering.  He was so suave and yet endearing. 

We then proceeded to the old Clayburn store where we had a light lunch.  A delightful old store turned gift shop/tea shop.  Stocked with candy of all sorts, novelties and curios I was simply dying to spend time exploring every corner with the lens of my camera - but I held back for I wanted to soak up time wiht my friend and thought to come back another day, perhaps with my Mother in Law, for tea and a photo shoot. 

Cicero - it was truly golden moments we shared - you are so easy to be around.  I look forward to our next time.

Afterwards, of course, we let Mingus out on the field as little dogs need to do when they are between visits with humans.  He protected us from this person and dog far off in the distance.  Good Dog! 

So this concludes the first part of my blog posts in the coming week.  I hope I've not talked your ear off.


  1. Good morning Barb :)
    Your lake is just GORGEOUS!! I would have to splash water on me too.Can't take very much sun at a time.:)It looks like it was a perfect day for the lake.The sky is so pretty and blue!!So happy that you were able to spend time with Nina...and I bet she was THRILLED to spend time with you too.:)
    Isn't Ethan growing up sooo fast? Nothing wrong with starting him out early on a photography career..is there.LOL
    How fun..spending time with Cicero and her Mom.:)The tearoom/gift shop sounds intriguing.I take pics of things I see at the Cracker Barrel restaurant/store when we go there.There's always something I want to remember from that trip.:) So far they haven't stopped me from doing it.LOL
    Have a wonderful day my friend! Can't wait for your next post.:)

    Love and hugs,

  2. qweee my sister posted :). I have missed your updated blog.I understand though with your absolutely amazing summer and really I have not been any better and I don’t have much of an excuse. My visit was amazing, I
    will apologize now for any wrinkles that may pop up due to excessive sister and sun exposure. Great pictures :).

  3. awww what an awesome summer you have had girl ..thanks for the visit ...we loved it and your brother did owe you a fish dinner ...we are glad you and Miles enjoyed...we love you both so much. Can't wait for my visit ...have a great long weekend ..say hi to your company arriving and give them a hug from us...chat real soon



  4. Enjoyed your summer catchup - you seem to have had a lovely mix of busy-ness and relaxing with friends :)


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