Thursday, July 29, 2010

Vacation Part 2 – Bear Lake

This is one of our very favorite places to vacation, Bear Lake.  Bear lake is located on the borders of both Utah and Idaho.  Its 20 miles long and is aqua blue in colour due to minerals which are suspended in the water.  It is known as “the Carribean of the Rockies”   The water is delicious and sparkling cool and clean. Bear Lake also boasts several fish unique to it alone – if you are like my fishing siblings you will want to click on the photo of the pelicans below to be taken to a website with more info on that. 

With the lake being so big one can find a quiet and private beach at almost any time.  And the town still has a small community feel with lots of take out places which harken me back to my childhood. 

We like to camp at the State Park on the Idaho side – only $12 something a night and so nice and clean.  We had five nights there and then took one extra night at another campsite, more primitive and well… we will cover that experience next post.  All the photos for today’s post were taken with my new Nikon.


We arrive by the north end of the lake where there is a power plant – on the left side is a wildlife refuge.  We always love to see the pelicans.


The refuge covers a large area and is worth taking a day to drive by and view. 


The other side of the road is a different story – simply breathtaking!


This is the beach at a fee area (something like $5 a day – you can drive your vehicle across the white sand to the water’s edge for the day)


The drive along the east side of the lake toward our campsite.


I always delight in seeing  this whimsical  “Old Woman in the Shoe” house.


Snail shells in the sand.


The shoreline changes from place to place, but always the beautiful turquoise water.




And a little friend at our campsite!

We took a drive to Paris, Idaho which is about a 20 minute drive and though the Paris Tabernacle was closed at the time (apparently they were short a volunteer that day)  - however we did visit the museum.  Here are a few photos of the Tabernacle which is built of attractive salmon coloured stone.



And of course in the museum I was tickled to see…



Inspiring to see tatting from all those years ago.  And yes, I did tat my way along the highways and byways.

I’ll follow up on the next leg(s) of our journey in a few days!  Thanks for visiting.


  1. sounds so awesome and Miles always found those spots ...thank you for sharing. Love to hear you tatted on your holiday ...those pics of the tatting are beautiful ...neat to know you can do it now to.

    miss you


  2. Good morning Barb:)
    WOW..Bear Lake is gorgeous!! Such beautiful water and the landscape is pretty too.:)Ummmm... did you see any bears?hehe
    I LOVE all of the photos.Your camera is working GREAT!!You seem to always find the interesting spots.:)
    When I saw the tatting..I knew you were excited.LOL With the photo to go by..I bet you will have some extra designs in mind too.:)
    Glad to see you had posted again.:) I had a really busy day yesterday with Mama.She came around ten to get me and we didn't get back to my house until around four thirty.Whew!! I am tired!:) We went thrift store shopping..and Mama out spent me.LOL

    Have a wonderful day and a lovely weekend!!

    Love and hugs,

  3. Bear Lake is beautiful! What a special color of blue. I didn´t know lakes could be that color. And not many people, as far as I could tell. It all looks really great and I´m sure you will think of this trip in the dead of winter... :)

  4. Looks like paradise!

    Trust you to find tatting on your hols!!! :)

  5. More beautiful photos. Bear Lake does look like some tropical far away place.


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