Friday, October 16, 2009

Nummy Buns!

Ha, I have SO MUCH to blog that I think I will only blog one little thing. :|

Osoyoos has a large population of Portuguese people and we used to buy the most delicious Portuguese buns from a magazine shop on main street. That's right - a magazine shop! The buns were baked in Vancouver (I was told) and they would get trucked in to various locations around the valley each Saturday.

It was always a good idea to 'reserve' a few dozen because if you didn't they were GONE within an hour of arrival. And this was hundreds of buns! They were so good the tourists and locals alike would flock to the store to purchase them. On the rare occasion the buns were not sold out the owners would store them in the freezer and you could buy them that way as well.

Then, the magazine shop suffered a fire, and we could no longer get the buns. Oh woe was me (and a lot of other people as well) - until I found out we could buy them from an East Indian Market this side of Oliver... then eventually even they stopped getting them. Sigh sigh, what to do - by now I was totally addicted to them!

WHAT MADE them so special?

A light as a feather bun with an angel food cake soft inside and a chewy, nutty roasty flavoured crust (which when toasted makes a crackly, satisfyingly crunchy toast) Sometimes they arrived all coated in flour which had a roasted flavour and made them 'shish' against each other. And the aroma? Indescribable!

So, I decided the other day to look for a recipe on the internet. It was not easy to track down a genuine one but after much searching I found one which brought me very close to the original ones we used to buy.

Portugese Buns (2)

We used to buy ones shaped like this - like little footballs - and sometimes they came round with the indent down the middle. Mine are on the small size, the ones we used to get were about twice as big.

Portugese Buns (4)

Here they are ready to pop into the oven after rising!

Portugese Buns

And here they are in their full glory! Light as a feather, nicely browned, and the smell........

Now I will not have to long for them again. My Mr. has made me promise NOT to bake them too often - he cannot resist!

Ok, so I am sort of laughing here because I KNOW my friend Betty will be by at some time and is surely going to be drooling over MY post. So, its sort of a revenge thing - travel on over to Betty's blog and you will see what I mean - (SHE posted a recipe on hers that looks DE-LISH!) and I made the mistake of visiting her ON AN EMPTY TUMMY. Aarrrrghhh - I had a binge after that haha! Click on the preview below to visit Betty.

Fullscreen capture 16102009 83112 PM


  1. Oh, these look delish - and you didn't share the recipe because...?

  2. Good Morning Barb:)
    MMMMMM I can just imagine how those delicious rolls smell.:)Sooo glad you are able to make your own any time you want now!YAY!:)I can understand Miles telling you not to do it too often.hehe Soo tempting!!
    I got my puter back up and running.:)Still reinstalling programs off and on as I realize I need them.
    Have a wonderful weekend!


  3. oh wow ..yummie ....can you mail one might have to blog the recipe hehehehe

    Have a great day


  4. hahahaha, you got me!!!
    The whole time I was reading I was thinking, this has got to have something to do with me, and when I saw you mention it, I completely cracked up!! :)) You are so right, my mouth is drooling and I am soooo hungry now!!
    Love it!
    That´s what friends are for, right?

  5. All that build up and no recipe? What happened to the recipe?? Did you forget to post it??? Or was this post a cruel joke ... to make us drool??? Betty, after all, posted the recipe!


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