Monday, August 17, 2009

Fun Flea Market Saturday

This is my THIRD attempt to post! I tried two times from my iPod but perhaps because I have so many photos it did not 'take' and of course I chose the 'publish' feature instead of saving a draft both times. Whatever.

So I am here to share my Saturday adventures with you. My daughter Melanie came down for the weekend, and we met up with my friend Janice. We met at Tim Horton's and got our sugar fix (new whole-grain blueberry muffin for me) to fortify ourselves for a visit to the local Flea Market.


This was our first find, still in it's original box. No, we did not buy it but it was fun to look at.


Not only for your tired tush, this cushion would tickle any of your aching extremities!


Who donated this? 100 disposable dental mirrors? Sure, when I set up my unlicensed dental clinic in my basement... want to book an appointment?


I should grab this for the future - not only great for my cane but if that nasty robber tried to snatch my purse he would get the end of my cane jabbed in his ear (curing him for a while!)


And if this was a real effective kitchen aid, how come we don't find them in cupboards all over the world? Something strangely tempting about it tough... (no!) It would join the ranks of some of the other unused things in my pantry!


We totally wanted to HEAR this record album! How come the thrift stores never have a functioning record player set up so we could hear before buying? They would make many more sales, I'm sure.


Finally, something to buy - Mel bought this for a little girl she knows.


And then we visited the new book store in town and Janice bought a box of books. That she said felt like they weighed 400 lb and you could see the trunk of her car almost hit the ground when she placed them in the trunk!


Then we made a final stop at the Dollar Store where we saw other oddities like these disposable plastic gloves big enough for a gorilla -


and this disgusgingly sticky and soft see through egg toy. Ugh, all gooshy and mooshy and I bet kids would just LOVE it.

So, thanks for coming on our Saturday morning outting. Perhaps we will bring you along again!

My friend JanMary also posted this weekend, via her new iphone, and she will take you along on her walk with her family along the coast of Ireland! Just click her blog graphic for the tour!

Fullscreen capture 17082009 101338 AM

What did YOU do this weekend?


  1. That was interesting!
    I stayed inside this whole weekend because of the horrible wind storm we were having. Everything was full of sand and dust and leaves! It was our dreaded north winds. I hate them. Luckily today it has calmed down and we get to clean everything up again... :)

  2. SO impressed with your LONG post - I can understand why it took so long to post. Fun finds!

    Thanks for the link.

  3. Oh my what a day! You mean you didn't buy all those great items. You mean you don't have more cabinet room for senseless, unusable items. Why, oh why, I cannot figure out why ;)

    Oh I've missed you my friend! I hope you are doing well. Looks like you guys had a great day. Thanks for sharing the fun with us!

  4. Good Evening Barb:)
    What cool finds!! Oh would be soo fun for you to take pics of things you come across and then ask us what we think it is.There use to be a show that did that on TV and I was always amazed when we finally discovered what the gadget did.Soo many different ideas from different individuals.:)
    Sounds like you had a great weekend! I spent part of mine..taking care of Mom.:)Her foot is doing and blue from surgery..but it's healing nicely.:)
    Have a wonderful rest of the evening:)

    Love and hugs,

  5. wow ...looks like fun all had a great time the feathers Mel ...well miss you all to you soon


  6. OH MY GOSH- I remember that kitchen preparer thingy mabobby!! lol
    My mom had one- we used to make chips as teens with it- all nice and square! hahahaha
    Only think was we used to go through a pocket of potatoes in one weekend with all the *teens* visiting ( including Wayne- LOL).
    WOW- that brought back memories.
    LOVE your thrift shopping photos GF!
    Sending hugs

  7. What a FUN adventure your Saturday was Mrs. Miles! This past weekend, we attended an 80's birthday bash in celebration of the kiddos turning 30 in 2009! Robert's oldest and namesake kicked it all off on January 3rd! My second daughter, Joan, will complete the celebration on October 8th! We had a GREAT time, however, THIS girl is taking it EEEEEEEASY this weekend! LOL! I'm ALL tuckered out from the past three weeks of EXCITEMENT!

    You ALWAYS find the NEATEST things (and with such HUMOR, i.e., the glove big enough for a gorilla! He, he ...) and I have to say that while I am trying to rid us of SO much stuff we simply do NOT need or use, I do miss being able to browse for unique finds, but have restrained myself until I have completed "Operation CTC (clearing the clutter)"!

    I have SORELY missed my friends in SCRAPLAND and am SLOWLY making my way back. I am HAPPY to know that you and Mr. Miles have had such a WONDERFUL summer full of GREAT adventures and you have shared some INCREDIBLE photos along the way! Thank you!

    Have yourself a MOST glorious weekend sweetie!

    Love and hugs,
    Linda :-D

  8. Hi Barb,

    I know looooong time, but I lost my net over the summer and I just got it back!

    I will be staying a spell to catch up!

    Take Care sweetie!


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