Sunday, August 09, 2009

Freezes and Swirlies

With the hot weather we've been having I'll tell ya, it does not take long to go through a box of popsicles in this household and it can get pricey. Oh yes, I used to have a Tupperware popsicle mould (who didn't at one time or another?) But it sat and sat and SAT in the cupboard and finally migrated back to the thrift store whence it came from in the first place.

Problem was, there were all those pieces and even IF I remembered where I'd stored it, inevitably I'd forget to use it so it mostly took up valuable realty in my already overcrowded cupboards. So, one winter's day I made an executive decision to purge it.

So, what to do when the weather's hot and one is hankering for something cold and refreshing? I found one solution when we visited our local Shopper's Drug Mart one Sunday when I chanced upon a box of those looooog Freezies (you know, sort of a popsicle in a plastic tube?) They were on sale for 1/2 price so we bought a box and have been happily sucking on them ever since. Only complaint is they turn your hand blue so I wrap mine in a paper towel.

Now me being super frugal and also thinking on how I'd personally like to see more nutrition in a refreshment... and living in the land of fruit and honey... I got to pondering.


Homemade Coconut Apricot Freezie

And this is what I came up with! Now my version is a concoction of coconut milk, yogurt, apricots and cantaloupe but you could easily use any fruit at hand.

If you would prefer a more 'juicy' flavour you might consider working from a base of orange juice with a puree of your favourite fruits - but if you're going for smooth and creamy, like a frozen smoothie idea then you should begin with a yogurt and then add whatever fruit you like.

When you have your puree whipped up its time for the "tube" step. I used my vacuum sealer, making tubes about 1 inch wide and then pouring them full with the aid of a funnel. It is a bit of a trick when it comes to sealing it - I'd advise you to leave at least two inches at the top so you have a bit of room to work with. I pinched my index and the finger to the left just above the puree in the tube, then put the flat end of the plastic in the sealer. Takes practice but you will be a pro before long.

My friend Saxon and I were talking about how freeze fruit puree in individual portions for the winter months, and I think this would work well. In the winter you might just take out a 'tube' of puree, defrost it and I'll bet even children would like to eat it right out of the plastic!

This idea is a great money saver - plus you know what's in it.

Besides these freezies, I've created a set of Swirlies for you to enjoy! Fine for Commercial use. I would LOVE to see how you use these - why not send my a jpg of your creations so I can share your layout in my next post?

Just click on the preview to download!



  1. Love these Barb! Thanks so much. Saxon

  2. Thanks for such a GORGEOUS set of swirlies- going to have some fun with these! ~miki

  3. hey sweets,

    I think you should go back to the store and help that migrating plastic to find its way home. LOL! You know how i feel about plastic (ick!). But I have no real, frugal way of doing it otherwise, unless you bought an ice cube tray and had tiny bites. Hmmmm... you got me thinking now. I'll get back to ya if I think of anything else.


  4. You are so talented! Love this idea and will be trying it once we get some summer! Right now we are watching TV rolled up in blankets... :)

  5. Good Evening Barb:)
    Your popsicles sound so yummy!!! Christy has made home made popsicles with ice trays and with some molds.She uses yogurt and fruit.Love your idea of the plastic tube too!:)
    I make frozen fruit drinks using my blender and frozen fruit(pineapple and bananas) and crushed ice..milk and some coconut flavoring and Splenda.:)Mmm..I could use one now if I wasn't headed to bed soon.:)Wonder how it would freeze?:)
    Thank you soo much for the wonderful cool!!:)

    Love and hugs,

  6. Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 09 Aug [LA 07:00pm, NY 09:00pm] - 10 Aug [UK 02:00am, OZ 12:00pm] ).

  7. Thank you so much for sharing the recipe ideas AND GREAT swirlies too!! :) Have a SPLENDID evening!!

  8. The frozen fruit smoothies sound terrific, I'll have to try making those. And thanks so much for the CU Swirlies. I signed up for a designer contest and I'm sure they will come in handy.

  9. Thank you so much for this Freebie. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in Creative Busy Hands Scrapbook Freebies Search List, under the Elements or Papers post on Aug. 10, 2009. Thanks again.

  10. Thank you for the doodles; I'll enjoy using these.
    And, for your Popsicles; you just made Mexican paletas! We discovered these last year and can't get enough of them. There are two types; one with just fruit and juice, and the second type with milk added. But, the main component is fruit, and they are delicious! I've made a few here at home with a mold from the dollar store; strawberry, papaya, and watermelon. I had more fruit than molds, so the rest I froze in paper cups with a coffee stirrer for a stick. Yuuuuummmy!

  11. Barb the frozen smoothies look delicious and I'll have a lot of fun with the swirlies too.

    Thank you so much:)

  12. Thank you for the lovely swirls.

  13. thanks for the cute swirlies!

  14. These are Great! Thank you!

  15. OOOOH LOVE the lolly's! lol
    We always had the little tupperware ones with the handle as kids and used to make Coke ones- hee hee
    But the fruit, yoghurt ones sound much more tasty and enjoyable at my age now- BWWWWAHAHAHA.
    Just got to wait for the summer to arrive-;-)
    thanks for the swirlys Barb- they look AWESOME!!
    Sending loves and hope you have a good weekend


  16. Wow, Barb, these are fab!! Thank you very much! *hugs*


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