Thursday, July 09, 2009

Writing From The Seashore

I'm snugged up in the lid (tent pop-up) of Sebastian (our VW) at Florence, Oregon. We arrived at the ocean yesterday. Feels like a second honeymoon. Finding ourselves with a wifi signal so I'll post a few pics of our journey so far.

Sharing a moment with a 'deer' friend...

My handsome one at the John Day Fossil Beds

Zikes! This critter is displayed under glass along the trail.

My lovely (mosquito haven) Waldo Lake, Oregon.

Which boasts the third purest water ON EARTH!

Well, my handsome one beckons - off to create more memories!

PS - HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my sister Nina and Bro in Law Mike today! (link in sidebar)

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  1. Greetings from my seashore to yours!

    Good to see the photos of the wonderful time you are having.

    Enjoy :)

  2. Dearest Barb, what a FINE time your handsome one and you are having at the seashore! I must say, I rather like that 'deer' friend of yours and hope to see him in a layout one day!

    Just stopping in to say hello sweetie and I shall leave you with some LOVE and a BIG HUG!

    ENJOY and thanks for sharing your adventure with us!!!

    Linda :-D

  3. Such gorgeous photographs. Kepp enjoying your time at the seashore with your handsome one:)

  4. Nice to hear from you. We miss you, but hope you are enjoying your camping holiday.
    Looks like you are getting a lot of sightseeing done.
    Love the pictures.

    Oh yeah, I started up a new blog. Hope you´ll come for a visit, once you return to your normal schedule...

  5. your photos are truly LOVELY!! thank you so much for sharing! looks like you are having a BLAST!! :)

  6. Hey there Gorgeous! I was wondering where you were meandering to! Florence is wonderful for the DUNES! Darin and I went there when he was in a 4x4 club and went out to play in the sand (in the truck).

    I hope you have a wonderful time! LMK if you are headed this way.~G

  7. Happy holidays to you! Looks like fun.

  8. sounds like you and Miles are getting that holiday and time you deserve the deer friend of yours..did the deer stay for dinner the pics...missing you lots

  9. Good morning Barb and Miles:)
    How wonderful.LOVE your pics and your deer friend too.:)
    I am sorry you can't seem to get alone with each other.Those pesky mosquitoes!!Bummers!:)I remember going to the canal in Fla. to fish with Jim and got next to the water and got attacked by gnats.Zillions of them biting me all at once.I thought I was gonna be consumed right there on the spot.eww..haven't gone fishing since.LOL
    It looks like you are having a fantastic time!! Glad you were able to make another post,Barb.
    Jim and I just got back from the Smokey Mtns and Gatlinburg and Dollywood.It was a lot more fun when we were young and too dumb to know our limits.LOL

    Love and hugs and miss you bunches and bunches...


  10. Good morning Sweety!!!!!!!!!!!
    Looks like your having a MARVELOUS time!!!!!!!!!!!
    LOVE the pics!!!!!!!!!!!
    When you've the time stop by my blog to see my AWESOME news!!!!!!!!!!
    HUGE HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. OOOOOOOOOOHH MY!!! You look like you in heaven and wow have you seen your face? You look equisitly happy and relaxed!! Im so jealous but so pleased for you to!! Hope the rest of your break is just perfect and let you know we miss you!!


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