Monday, March 03, 2008


Wow - I hope you like Olivia's first hybrid project. We were working on some new techniques and ideas and she decided to create this pretty crocus box in celebration of spring - seeing the first crocus bloom here (photo over on Becky's blog) Olivia thanks Amy W. for the use of her pretty bow, it is the perfect element to finish it off. It comes both as a jpg file which is already conveniently on a 11 x 8.5 inch paper, ready to print, but its' also in png format, so that if you have a printer which can go larger then you have the option of making it bigger. She asked me if I would be willing to print and assemble it to see if it actually works. Now my only critique would be that its a tad 'fussy' to snip out, but it is WELL worth the effort - as you can see in the photo below. I think that the cutting and shapes of the blooms make it original. I'd love to see what you fill yours with!

The crocus and grass are just a few of the two new kits Olivia is launching at the Sophia Sarducci Shoppe... hopefully sometime today - but if not, then for sure next Monday, she says I should keep you posted on that. So there are a ton of other new products at the Shoppe, so be sure to visit and check out the newest products.

crocus box assembled!

Welcome, pale primrose! starting up between
Dead matted leaves of ash and oak that strew
The every lawn, the wood and spinney through,
'Mid creeping moss and ivy's darker green;
How much thy presence beautifies the ground!
How sweet the modest unaffected pride
Glows on the sunny bank and wood's warm side.
And where the fairy flowers in groups are found,
The schoolboy roams enchantedly along,
Plucking the fairest with rude delight;
While the meek shepherd stops his simple song,
To gaze a moment on the pleasing sight;
O'erjoyed to see the flowers that truly bring
The welcome news of sweet returning spring.

~ John Clare

I'm not complaining, but I think I am losing my mind. I don't know if anyone else out there is on the border of menopause, but if you are, or even having passed thru (gosh how I want to just skip thru this time!) - tell me, does it make you forgetful? I can handle the hot/cold thing, I can handle the mood swings (tho its sure hard on those around me) but the forgetful thing... is it normal?

home-baked Chicken Pot Pies, ready to pop in the oven

Ok, the good things of this past week - everything I baked turned out wonderfully. I decided to try my hand at some home-baked Chicken Pot Pies. I used the Rough Puff Pastry recipe which I blogged about a while ago - and it turned out even much better than my first attempt. The filling I made out of cubes of tender chicken, fresh asperagus, plump mushrooms, all in a cream and tarragon sauce. Mmmm

Delicious Success!

So I'm going to take a quiet day here... just try to get my act together and delve into the Word - thats usually what I'm lacking and the only thing that really brings me peace. I hope you have a good start to your week as well. Thanks for visiting!

Tomorrow makes today's whole head sick, its whole heart faint.
When we should be still, sleeping or dreaming,
we are fretting about an hour that lies a half sun's journey away!
Not so doest thou, Lord.

~ George Macdonald


  1. The hybrid box is adorable.

    Hugs and prayers that you feel better soon.

  2. adorable crocus box - I'm still encouraging mine to grow - saw Snow Drops in my friend's yard yesterday - she gets a bit more sun! Yummy looking chickie pies! Looking forward to a visit SOON!

  3. Forgetfulness, alas, is part and parcel of the whole menopause thing. Sooorrrrrry! I didn't get that many hot flashes, though I do get VERY hot at night. I don't know if it is because I sleep with a furnace or if it's part of the menopause thing!

    Those pot pies looked very yummy indeed. Sigh. We've started a "program" today. No flour for this girl for a while. But just think of the weight I'll lose.

    The crocus box is very cute.

    TTFN ... Cis

  4. Hi Barb! Nick said to say hiya!
    I love your box it's stunning! Those Chicken Pot Pies look yummy! Everything here is good just super busy with CT, ADSR and real life!! Wanted to stop by and say hi ((hugs))!

  5. Barb!!! *whine*

    Please share the recipe to your lovely pot pies!!!~G

  6. Good Afternoon Barb:)
    Just had to stop by and grab Olivia's cute little box:) Thank you so much!:)
    Hmmm..forgot what I was gonna say!LOL Not sure if it is menopause or just too much going on to keep up with.The hot flashes I can handle..the freezing flashes before just plain awful.It's like those fevers you get where five blankets won't even make a dent into warming you up.:( And the really bad part's usually in the middle of the night and of course you just have to potty too..and almost cry before you can get back to bed to get warmed back up.I am NOT exaggerating here.I put a ton of blankets on me and then twenty minutes or so later...I wake up drenched in perspiration.Talk about miserable!!! I want to get past this too!!!!LOL Mood swings!!Don't even go there!!Hehe.I am not surprised Jim spends so much time in his woodshop.LOL
    P.S....I think I have passed the borderline and am at full blown!!hehe


  7. Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

  8. Good Morning!

    I blogged about you today...LOL

  9. Morning Barb!!!!!
    TY both so very much for this CUTE box!!!!!!

  10. i LOVE the box and thank you so much for sharing!!! before i found digital scrapping, i would print out little boxes and use them for leaving waitresses their tips and they LOVED it!!! lol
    Chicken pot pies, MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
    (doing my best Homer Simpson drool)
    now, as for the menopause, isn't that a fun part to our beautiful lives? lol i have been full blown for about 9 years now and it doesn't seem to get any easier... the hot flashes so intense i could faint, followed by the chills and the nightly sweats, even had night terrors from this... not FUN! i understand it CAN last up to 10 years too! lol i am not sure about Canada but here we can buy herbs to help... False Unicorn, Black Cohosh, there is more too but stuff like that can help, it won't give our memories back but can help the other side effects. Ginseng might help the memory ;) we are told to embrace this part of our lives but it sure isn't easy lol Thank you so veryy much for all you share!! Have a WONDERFUL restful day!! Blessing to you, my friend! ;D

  11. thank Olivia for the awesome box and Amy for the ribbon ...and for making it printable right away....oh those chicken pies look awesome ...just maybe you could do me one when I visit ....they look so yummy....

  12. Oh how I love Chicken Pot Pies and have never been able to make a really good one. Your pictures look absolutely wonderful.

    Somehow I missed where you spoke of the pastry. Could you please share your recipe for the pie (especially the sauce) and the pastry with us?

    You made me sooooooo hungry! LOL

  13. Good Morning again Barb:)
    Just stopped by to see what's new!!:)
    Hope you have a fantastic weekend!



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