Monday, September 03, 2007

Just a little something for you - to brighten up your layouts. I would LOVE to see how you use this - I would be happy to feature your layouts here on my blog. Just leave me a message with permission to publish your layout and where to view it, and all the credits etc... Have a wonderful day everyone. PS - THANKS SO MUCH for all your comments. They give me a boost!

Think only thoughts of love today,

With understanding as your guide.

For you can help along their way

The weary ones who cross your path,

And cheerfully greet the folks you meet

And spare a while to listen to

That lonley woman on the street,

That boring person on the phone.

Perhaps she needs a friendly smile,

That woman with the screaming child?

And surely you can stop a while

To help them both get off the bus.

In helping others in this way

You'll make this such a happy day.

~Joyce Francis Carpenter

(I think I would like to meet this Joyce...)


  1. love this overlay thanks so much

  2. Good Afternoon Barb:)
    Thank you so much for the pretty swirl dots overlay.:) I love it!
    I am so glad you came to see me again.I love your visits!:)
    Christy found the shoes she was wanting a good a pair and get the second pair half price.Not bad eh?:)I did get toilet paper...but am soo your tradition with your MIL got started.LOL My MIL is a stocker...not stalker.LOL..she goes to the stores and when toilet paper or paper towels or kleenex's go on sale in bulk..she buys them.When we go for a visit..they are lined up against the wall in the extra bedroom.She could live off of that for a year or more.LOL She has about ten big containers of Tide at any time...go figure.She didn't have much when she was young and I guess she never wants to be in need again.:) Sad huh?
    Have a wonderful rest of the day!


  3. Barb, your swirls and doodles are soooooo amazing. I also love the scripture tags, and thanks to you I was able to put them on my blogs...that is so exciting for me. Your blog is so inspiring. I loved all the verses and fun stuff and history you added. I can't imagine how much time you spend posting, but it really is a blessing.

    Take care and God bless you!

    Hugs from the heart,

  4. Cool overlays chickie-pea. thanks fro stopping by while I was sick. I'm doing better now, but Emma is now sick. Blah. If you see the kit preview on my blog never fear I saved all the really good ideas for us! Plus our colors are better!
    Hugs to you and the mister!

  5. Hello there young lady.. I must have just missed you.. Robert had just gotten home from Vancouver Washington.. and my sisters and their families left to return to Eastern Washington... now I am sitting and resting before I have to start cleaning up the house. I am sorry I missed you... I did see you came by my blog to say hello.. that is always a nice surprise. Thank you. Thank you for the wonderful overlay I love it.

  6. i LOVE the swirlys and thank you so very much for sharing your creative talents!!! You asked on my blog about DH's sculptures, he does free standing (metal) & wall (wood,fabric, paint,geometric style) :D Thanks for asking, i think i may put together a site for the pictures i have of them hehe Thanks for the idea! lol OH and WONDERFUL recipe, YUM! i look forward to trying it!!
    Have a GREAT day!:D

  7. This is so fun! Overlays are one of my favorite things to play with, thank you very much.

  8. Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is about to list this blog post at

  9. Hey there! Thank y ou so much for stopping by and making a newbie feel welcome! It meant a lot to me. I just downloaded you fabulous overlay! Awesome work!

  10. so very pretty....thanks

  11. BARB!!! How can you mention a youtube on my blog- EEEK, ROTFLMAO- My DS saw it and remembered- Oh mom we do have a video clip of you playing in the Easter golf competition 2 years ago!! LOL, Guess what he is doing as his 'homework'- hahahaha, well just keep a watch out - it will be up soon! hahahaha ( Oh goodness!)
    These overlays are GORGEOUS!!! I'm loving them MUCHLY!! Been having MAJOR internet issues since Friday! It works then it doesn't so tearing my poor hair out a few times a day- hahahaha, but they have seemed to have got the "not working" part down to 3x today only so far- hahahaha.
    Sending loves

  12. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your overlays... but that's not why I am here... I came to report that my walking has gotten to be a HABIT now! I walk with my mom every night and even when she tries to wimp out, we still go for short walks because it is a HUGE stress reliever. I can't believe how nice it is to just have that quiet time where you just focus on the sound of your footsteps hitting the ground. Thank you for the inspiration :)

  13. It's fantastic! Thank you!

  14. Thank you so much dearie! I'm having a whole lot of fun trying to get my little business off of the ground. Thinking about doing a poll to see what people like to get most as freebies. =0) One of the things that's making me crazy is the lack of comments. LOL

  15. the swirlies are fabulous - thanks so much. I'll let you know when I use them

  16. Thank you, this is lovely :-)

  17. Thank you for the so lovely swirls, and thanks for your sharing about Giving Thanks!!

  18. Wow, I have been to many blogs offering freebis. Especially one that is offering the most priceless item. Salvation! Thank you for spreading the word. You can really tell the difference in a Christian blog and another who does not express Holyness. There is fellowship. Not just a quick Thank you, but I see you have friendship amongst others.

  19. What a beautiful overlay! Thank you so much for sharing!

  20. Thanks so much for sharing this overlay with us, it´s very beautiful, :) and also for sharing the poem. It´s wonderful. :)

    Best wishes. :O)


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