Saturday, June 24, 2017

Crazy Critters Post

I’ll follow my latest card post with the tales of my crazy critters week.


My take on this weeks Addicted to CAS #114– themed:

I’m not sure exactly which die cut used for my card as a friend did random cuts for me from her own collection.  We often do swaps like that – do YOU have a crafting friend you swap/trade with?  Like “The Grass is Greener” my friends stashes and supplies always seem more appealing, inspiring.  I used a very heavy bright white cardstock to give my card depth.  I used rectangle stitched dies from Simon Says to trim the die cut.  Next I bumped it out and then added the simple ‘best wishes’ sentiment from Paper Smooches.

Now, the crazy critters of this week involve a random bird, a baby chipmunk and an angry robin.

Random Bird

- decides to make a nest in our dryer vent.  I’m down in my laundry area and I hear something scritching around.  Ack, thinking a mouse I pause and listen harder – there are a few ‘peeps’ which I immediately know its something feathered, not furred.  I then pause and listen, listen and pause until finally I realize said creature is in the vent hose to the dryer!!! Turns out this bird (I believe a Northern Flicker) tried to nest in our vent and pushed a little too far.  My husband and I quickly take the tape off the hose in an attempt to free and release the poor thing but by the time we get to it, it is too late, bird has perished.  So sad!  DO check your hoses periodically – they can not only be bird and critter creatures, but fire hazards as well if they get filled with dust and lint.

Cute Baby Chipmunk

- I’m in the kitchen when something small and quick streaks in a furry blur across the floor, heading for the front room.  I instantly track it to a corner where it cowers in a tiny ball, eyes closed, pretending its invisible.  The most adorable baby chipmunk one ever did see.  Husband called up from downstairs again and we capture it in a plastic tub and set it loose on the lawn.

Angry Mumma Robin

- I’m pruning back a severely overgrown grape arbour, pea sized unripe grapes, debris and leaves raining down upon me (thank gracious I wore a hat) – all falling down the front of my scoop necked tshirt and going all the way down into every nook and cranny and driving me crazy LOL!  I’m balanced on a sawhorse for lack of a ladder so its a bit precarious but I’m ok, I’m OK, until I hear flappings behind me and see a fluttery dark shadow happening closer and closer.  Then there is angry chirpings and Mumma Robin is dive bombing me, her claws grazing me because I assume my pruning is coming into the area where she has a nest.  Man, she was scary!  Thankfully I was able to prune up quick and leave her in peace. 

Have YOU any stories of angry critters?  I’d love to know. 


  1. Simple and stunning. Thanks for playing along at Addicted to CAS this week. x C

  2. Stunning Card.I have missed chatting with you how are you doing?
    Looking forward to connecting
    Blessings Jocelan

  3. Nice job with an intricate die! Love the addition of a stitched border.

  4. A very beautiful, clean and simple card! =)
    Thank you for playing along with us at Addicted to CAS - Ellenor DT


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