Saturday, April 08, 2017

Going Home

I'm tucked into a comfortable seat at the Calgary airport waiting for the last leg of my flight home in a short time and since I have a while before I fly out and because I've sorely neglected my blog I will use my time to create a post.   I've been gone five weeks to Houston where I spent time with my daughter and grandbaby.  Precious, precious family time together.  I marvel that five weeks could pass so swiftly and pleasantly.  I'm coming home with a treasure box of memories.  I have missed my husband very much and I feel like a bride going home!   

I left the cold and snow behind in the Okanagan so it felt like stepping into another world to find myself in full springtime in Houston.  We were located in the Bayou area of Houston which has so much to offer.  I enjoyed the lush parks - spring flowers in bloom, all of nature bursting forth to provide pleasure to the senses.  Vibrant wildflowers green grass and lovely shady trees everywhere providing welcome shade and framing Houston's tall downtown buildings.  

I enjoyed good food and met warm and friendly people.  I found myself enjoying the "yes Ma'ams" in their polite warm southern conversations and I must say everyone I met really went out of their way to make me feel comfortable.  I realized that 'bayou' is no longer a foreign word.  I sorted out which restaurants are fast food and wow there are a LOT of restaurants in Houston.  I tasted 'real' BBQ, which is nothing like anything I've ever had before. 

My daughter, grandbaby and I took some side trips to various places.  I'm sure my little nose-print is still on the passenger window.  I especially loved a long walk we took down a long red clay country road and another drive to Lafayette, Louisiana.  I met a lovely lady from Louisiana during my Houston stay and if she represents the southern charm then I can't wait for another visit. 

I also visited the Houston Zoo with a relative and my grandbaby too - she is a bit young to fully enjoy the critters (who were mostly hiding out or sleeping off the heat of the day) but I had a grand time and it was special time with our cousin.  And the best thing ever? (besides having time with those we love) was being present when grandbaby crawled for the very first time.  

I could post so much more, but my flight time is creeping up.  It will be sweet to be home with my husband and be creative again.  


  1. Glad you had the best time and glad to see you and Chloe enjoying your time.
    Glad to hear you are home soon love and missed you.


  2. Glad you are coming home can't wait to have a chat.
    Blessing Jocelan


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