Saturday, July 16, 2016

FREE Corny download for Silhoutte Cutting File


Ah I was just playing around with some reflective yellow vinyl the other day and thought it might make a sweet card  when the sentiment jumped right out at me too. I don’t have an actual stamp that says corn-grats, but I have several sets of individual letter stamps that I pieced together to make the wording the way I wanted it.


I decided it would be fun to whip up a cut file right there on the spot and so this I did.  In my original cut file, unfortunately, I crossed the twisted leaf lines over and it created that leaf in two peices so I’ve since gone in and corrected it.  I bumped the corn out using foam tape.  You can’t see in the bottom photo (took it using my ipad so the quality is just not there) but I used something small but blunt to “carve in” some kernels in a pattern.  You could easily use nice cardstock for your project! 

I hope you enjoy! 


.studio file format

(zipped file)

Personal Use Please

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