Monday, July 13, 2015

365 Photo of the Day

Sometimes I'm distracted and I don't quite look where I'm going.  I'm sure we've all stepped in something unpleasant at some point or another.  I didn't actually step in this wad of gum but I've certainly had instances in the past.  In fact, my poor Mr had an unfortunate encounter with pet droppings just yesterday, on his brand-spanking-new runners!  How mortifying.  The more so when it happens on the fly - for example when you're all dressed up and heading somewhere and there's a time-line involved.  
It does no good to get angry.  No, the person who tossed the gum should have used a trash bin and yes, the pet-owner should have used a doggie doo bag, but what's done is done and there will always be gum-droppers and doggie dropping NOT picking uppers too and we must instead be on our gaurd and look where we are placing our feet.  
Oh, and that gum one finds underneath seats and tables too.  Best keep one's hands where you can see them.  
This, on the other hand, was a fortunate accident being it was the spilling of a pitcher of ice cubes only.  Embarassing, perhaps, but kind of a cool, clean and funny "ice breaker" for conversation when out to dinner with friends this evening.  
I'd love you to share your sticky situations with me too! 


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