Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A Splendid Day in White Rock BC

Take this busy holiday month with all the hustle and bustle and add in the gazillion little things which come along atop of the already hectic happy chaos... but I was blessed to be able to insert one beautiful day in the midst.  I am so grateful I took my camera along and captured some moments in White Rock B.C.  which I can share with you here.   

copyright Barbara Derksen 2014

Can you figure out how this place got it's name?  (sorry for the crooked horizon) 

copyright Barbara Derksen 2014
copyright Barbara Derksen 2014

copyright Barbara Derksen 2014
Cool Poinsettia head people in a restaurant. 

copyright Barbara Derksen 2014
Oh MY!  I thought I'd post this photo last just to torture.  If you run off in search of food this would be silly to put first.  

I do have more photos but am saving them for another time.  It was truly a blissful relaxing respite.  

Thanks for stopping in - hope whoever you are, wherever you are you'll take a rest time too! 


  1. Good evening Barb :)
    Great pics! Yes..I can see why they named it White Rock.LOL I wouldn't have noticed the crooked horizon if you hadn't mentioned it. :) So happy you were able to relax in the midst of your busy days. You deserve it!


  2. Hi Barb. So happy you got to have a little get-away for a bit. When you get to spend time away, we always benefit from it because you share with us, and I LOVE that. When I read the title of your post, before I even seen your pics, I wondered about the name White Rock. When I seen the pic, I laughed, because there was nothing hiding in that name at all. Literally, a white rock. Can't wait to see the other pics. Your fish and fries look great. Yum!!! hugs, Patty


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