Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Seize the Birthday - Tag! (and a FREE file for you)


I don’t think I can ever remember not blogging for an entire month!  How I’ve missed it - missed YOU visiting!   In case you don’t already know I have been on a very sad journey as my Father in Law passed away suddenly - so I took time out to be with my family.  He was a wonderful man - the sort you think “he’s like the PERFECT role model I’d choose to be a father figure in my life”. 

It has been a very beautiful journey.  I’ve drawn closer to the women in my family and also those surrounding my family - friends.  Women stick together.  We need each other.  Our family is blessed to have a network of incredible, beautiful, strong and lovely women who step in when life tosses us a curve. 




Women, who in our time of sadness, brought us food - and hugged us, feeding our bodies and souls.  Who offered us whatever support they could.  Who included me into their daily walks and made me feel like an “old friend” already.

And my amazing family of women, each in their own way a true treasure.  I feel I can never thank them enough for what they’ve done for me.  For my Mother in Law who is such a strong and independent example to me.  She is a tower of strength. My Sister in Law, Aunts, cousins and nieces.  Each one shone in a special way to me during this trial.  I am at total peace knowing my Mom is surrounded by a terrific community of caring women.

And now I’m home again.  I feel like a completely different person and its taken me a while to get back to a place of feeling creative.  I took a challenge with my sister Nina last night…

TAG - You’re It!

Though we are given the option to make a “plain old” Birthday Card, I opted to make a tag one:


FREE tag download

for your Silhouette cutting machine

I used paper from the Light Bright 6 x 6 inch pad from Colorbok.


I also accented with a GellyRoll Clear Star pen around the hearts and added some gems for the final touch.



1-May 2014 Blog - Lupine

Today’s 1 small thing is a picture of these beautiful spring flowers and a small poem to bring you peace, no matter what worries may be preying on your mind:


It may never happen…

How often have you tried

To set tomorrow’s pattern

With today as a guide?


How often have you panicked,

Dreading things to come,

Worried, and regretted

The things you may have done?


Yet, it may never happen,

So, why fret in vain,

Why cloud tomorrow’s sunshine

With un-promised rain?

by Anne Kreer



  1. Such sad circumstances are always sure to change someone, banding together with the other ladies is a great way to make it through. This card is so cute, I love all the
    sweet little hearts. This is such a great project after a break, and I am so glad I playing with my supplies along with you.

  2. Barb, I have missed you. I am really sorry about the sudden passing your father-in-law. It is always wonderful for the women in our lives to step up and help us along the journey. I am happy that you have strong women going before you as an example. That alone, is a gift. I love the card tag that you made. I appreciate the tag also. It will be very useful. Big hugs for you, Patty


  3. Love the hearts on this tag, thank you for such a Awesome looking tag. I enjoy adding tags for bookmarks in cards that I mail out.

    Thank you for sharing this.

  4. wow SIL is back and carding ...it is nice to see you back and blogging ...yes I can remember a whole month going by with out you around with words of wisdom and awesome cards and your poems. I know what a blessing you must of been to Mom and the family. Miss you and tons of hugs.

  5. WELCOME BACK! So sorry for your loss my sweet friend. I know it had to be a rough time and to have family,friends and strong women to support you had to help tremendously!

    I LOVE your card and the TAG is AWESOME! Thanks so much for sharing the cutting file with me.:)

  6. I love your happy little flower tag! Great colors too! Thanks for joining us at Seize the Birthday!

  7. I am sorry for your loss. At times like these it's always good to take a step back and reflect and be with the people that are most important to us. Thank you for taking the time to play along in our challenge over at Seize The Birthday, I love your card! :)

  8. Hi Barb.. I am sorry to hear about your sweet Father In Love.. such a life changing thing. I am always encouraged with your words and your life. I haven't been on checking out my blogs in a long time. ((hugs)) to you ♥


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