Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Family Challenge 10 - Whitewash Technique

Yayyyy - another family challenge - this time Nina inivited Judy and I to join her to try this:



What a unique and interesting technique, really had me thinking.  Here’s what I built:




I used white inks and clear embossing powder - I’m not such a steady hand at embossing EXACTLY over a stamped image, but there you go, it still makes for an interesting look which I’ve never attempted before. 

Supplies used: Embossing Powder, White Ink, Cardstock, Stamp (Studio G), Button, crochet twine.




I especially like the milky look of the white ink when it’s “painted” across the surface. 

If this intrigued you, why not hop over to Nina and Judy’s blogs to see how they employed this technique?


Today’s “1 small THING” is… FAMILY

It seems so fitting to post about family right on the day of our “Family Challenge”.  This is so timely because my daughter Melanie and I got to enjoy a Mother-Daughter day this past weekend.  Though we live not so far apart (couple of hours) we really don’t get to spend much time together due to our busy schedules and … well, LIFE.  We natter all the time via technology, but face to face, not so much. 

My Mr. is busy through Spring Break in recording (much more about this in the future) with a severe time-line in place so I took the opportunity to catch a ride north with a friend who was heading up for a conference.  When I asked Melanie if she was “free for a day” she, without hesitation, not only cleared her schedule but between she and her man, Jared, set out planning a lavish and fun “Mom and Daughter Day” for me.  Wow. 


photo 2 (1)

Mel getting her “pedi”


Our first stop was at Kelowna’s O Spa for my (seriously) first ever pedicure.


photo 3

My FIRST ever pedicure!


Being as this was something I’d never done before, which being as I’m 55… is like, WOW!  Some who I mentioned to that I’d never had one ever, made me realize the significance of this occasion - that I got to experience it with my daughter and beside her too! 

I am sure I gave my gracious manicurist (or nail tech, according to google) a good workout because I am a runner and work out a lot and so she had to deal with feet which told the story of hard workouts.  But she transformed my feet from hooves to delicate limbs by the time our session was done.  Not only that, she lavished me with lotion to my poor winter dry skin even on my arms.  I floated out of there on new feet!

I need to say here the staff of O Spa were amazing and I’d recommend it to anyone.  If you’re reading this and you have a Mom - treat her today, if not to a high end, even if you do her nails yourself.  Its something that really brings you together.  I will think of Mel every time I look at my toes (which, because of the nude pearly color I chose look like little pinkish tinged sea-shells I think)


photo 4


And then we went driving driving - Jared being the chauffer for the first part of the day to…


photo (1)


Eat Sushi!

We chose the BLUETAIL Sushi in Kelowna (where by the way, they have a tremendous deal on right now through GROUPON, check it HERE)


photo 2


Hmmm, what to order? 


photo (2)


photo 3 (1)

photo (3)

photo 1

Spider Roll


I can’t list it all here - we practically DID order it ALL!  What a great way to try some new things.  It was incredible, both the food and service. 


Sushi Moustache

Pickled Ginger “moustaches”

And we had fun too.  We always have fun.

photo 1 (1)

Just hanging out -

photo (5)

or in the thrift store where Mel met a “new friend”  A real MAN-equin.  (she sent this pic to her Mr but he said “Pshaw!” He knows there is nobody like himself body for her!  I wish I could remember the funny reply he sent back - it was tooooo funny!

This is something that my daughter and I have in common, pure silliness.  I get joy out of Mel’s ability to let go and just be silly with me.  Life is too short to go around all sober and serious.  Specially when you have time with the somebodies you love more than everything in the world! 


“I don't think quantity time is as special

as quality time with your family.”

Reba McEntire


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  1. I am so happy for you that you had such an amazing day sis. I love your pretty card, thank you so much for fitting the challenge in during your busy and exciting time.

  2. ♥ ♥ ♥ !!! I had the BESTEST DAY EVER with you Merma!!!... I can't wait to see your gorgeous face again and feel your mama bear hugs around me!. (I had messaged Jared: I'm so sorry, I have met someone else' and sent a picture of me kissing the creepy mannequin on the cheek... He replied 'Hey, I don't blame you. He has amazing eyes' hahaha. My hunny is a funny oneyyyy!!!... Love you so so much Muddy dear ♥ ♥ ♥

  3. wow what an awesome time with Mel ..you could tell by your girls smiles that love and fun was in the air...I am so happy you got the day together. Food looks yummmmiieee. Your card is beautiful ...what a neat idea . Thank you for sharing ...love it.

  4. Love the technique you shared! Your first pedicure!! Wow girl where have you been? I LOVE Pedi's. I'm so happy for you that you all had such a fun time!
    Have a blessed day!!


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