Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Simplify MY Life - a FREE Silhouette file for YOU!

End of week one of leading (at my church Osoyoos Christian Center)  the “Simplify Your Life” workshop (DVD’S) by Marcia Ramsland Organizing Pro. 

It was a super busy week for me and I confess I really hat to work hard just to complete my homework, both written and the physical side of things but in the end I managed and feel very satisfied with some of my accomplishments.  There were two areas I focused on and were somewhat new to me. 

I’ll be ornery and list the second thing first.  This involved creating a two week MENU PLAN.  What a novel thought in my house - actually thinking ahead and planning a meal regime.  Seems like a lot of work when I first turned that thought over (worrying it like puppy would worry a bone down to the very marrow) but I decided that Marcia did not get to be crowned “The Organizing Pro” for nuthin’ and humbled myself to stop thinking and just DO what was asked of me. (which, my beloved husband would appreciate from me, or STUBS, as he had nicknamed me) 

Well, I must say that after that initial batch of time it took me to sit my bum still and focus, check the pantry etc and write up a two week overview of what my tummy would get blessed with - it suddenly shifted in my mind!  I no longer even have to think so much from day to day (and generally the hour preceding the actual dinner hour)  Now, at a glance, I can look at my fridge and think “this is like Cruise-Ship Living!”  Woot!

So, I’m going to segue this into the “grocery list” thing too and see how that lightens me up too.  Now, stepping backwards, I’ll show tell of the first assignment:



Our first assignment was to take a good look at our kitchen.  Look with “cluttery eyes”  - if you see a general bunch of stuff, if it strikes you as messy, muddled or perhaps it looks like a jumble-sale right where you’re supposed to prepare your food… well, that needs some tending too and there’s no avoiding it now.  A Proverbs 31 woman will roll up her sleeves and just deal with it - because she needs to set the example in her household. 

I managed to get my counters all done (old hat for me, having followed Marcia’s wonderful course in past years) but I had a little area off to the side in my kitchen that was eroding the overall image of an organized and peaceful kitchen.  Specially that back door.  Yeah, I know which day is trash day in my head, but I sometimes I don’t remember which day TODAY IS you know?  And my Mr Wonderful, well he’s just a blur buzzing by that piece of metal with a knob that stands between him and “out there”… So, I put this not on the door.  I put it ABOVE the knob, so I see it every time I use the door and I think “oh yeah” and on a Monday I will move it down to stick RIGHT ON the handle so you cannot turn it without grabbing the note.  Can’t ignore it then but it really does a number on the note.  It keeps getting repaired with more tape, then eventually has to be re-written entirely.  But it works

But its unsightly UGLY.  So, I decided as part of my homework for this part of the course I would make  a more practical and sightly sign.  The following is what I came up with:



I designed a cutting file and whipped this up out of some bright orange cardstock and vinyl too.  I decided to make it a door-hanger like you might see in a hotel because with it being BRIGHT we will always see it but hanging behind the doorknob it will not get abused so much. 

In keeping effecient  and blessing others, as a Proverbs 31 woman would do, I created EVERY weekday option for YOU in a FREE .studio cutting file so you too can remind yourself and everyone else in your household just when to git that trash to the curb on time. This sign measures 3 inches wide, 10 inches long.  I hope you enjoy! 

Supplies I used:

Orange cardstock

Black Vinyl

Chrome vinyl



  1. What a great idea... I can't tell you how many times I forget about the trash! Yikes

  2. What a COOL idea! Love it!:) with the vinyl it can be kept clean too!!


  3. I have been planning menus (for dinners) for quite a few years now. I couldn't believe the amount of stress it has alleviated from daily life. Plus, when i grocery shop, I have a complete list of what I need for each meal. If anything is on sale, now that I have a little extra money, goes into the menu for next week.

  4. Love the story behind your project, Barb. LOL. Tuesday happens to be our rubbish day too - - well, alternates these days between recycling one week & the following week general rubbish. On a 2 week rota we certainly can't afford to miss putting the bin out!!!!!
    Clever make.
    Tine :)


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