Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Family Challenge #5 Card - Ghost Stamping and photo peeks of my week!

Thanks to Nina I’m being motivated to create to fulfil yet another Family Challenge card using a technique new to me.  This technique is based on the idea of this video:

And here is my take on this technique. 


I chose these fun coffee themed stamps from Stampin’ Up.  Sad to say, I’ve had them for quite some time but this is my first project using them. 


I followed the video technique pretty closely, stamping with a Studio G white, over stamping with a Versa Magic Multi-Surface Chalk Ink in eggplant and then embossing over that to draw attention to the coffee pot.  I stamped the sentiment using VersaFine in Onyx.  Lastly I used a simple pencil crayon to draw on steam swirls. 

The lace border and tiny gems are dollar store items.

I think as much as I enjoy taking these challenges with my family is the excitement of seeing how each of us differs in our end results.  Be sure to slip on over to see Nina and Judy’s blogs to see what they came up with. 

Here are a few pictures of my week:

1-photo 2

THIS is the reason I’m trying to be a regular at the gym - my Mother in Law makes THE BEST pastry in the universe and I am like a moth drawn to a candle flame when its around.  REAL strawberries, REAL whip cream - I could easily become REAL heavy. 

1-photo 3

Lovely flowers - everything is in bloom at the moment, being we’ve had an especially moist spring and summer so far.  I love this time of the year because we have the best of both worlds - hot days interspersed with a few wet ones, then nice cold nights to cool the house down again.

1-photo 1

Crafts, Crafts, Crafts!

I make over the strangest things that come my way.  My Mr actually spied a stack of cork rounds last weekend at Garage Sales and I knew there was something special to make from them.  I wound up hand painting them for souvenier placques.  You can’t truly appreciate the cherries from this far away - they are glittered and stand out nicely.  These are available at The Crow’s Nest Gifts on Main Street in my beautiful town of Osoyoos!

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  1. Love love love your card Barb, this stamp set worked wonderfully for you. The daisy photo is so pretty. Love you cork masterpieces too :)

  2. love the card ...Nina always founds neat challenge...can't wait to see what is next in the family challenge. Love the corks awesome paint job ...they will not last long in the store. Have a great week and could you save me a piece of the pie ...yummmmmieeee

  3. Morning my dear Mrs Miles ;-) Don't fall over backwards now- it is ME- BWHAHAHA. Was thinking of you this morning and came over to tell you before "life takes over" again.
    Gosh I will say that Strawberry Pie looks way toooo good... I've been baking here too ( another GASP- lol). Well ok, lets just say "trying" but Wayne eats it all no matter the outcome- hee hee.

    OOOOH Barb, I want to send you some photo's after I saw your gorgeous craft "store".. Wishing you all the best of luck... you cards and crafts are just amazing.
    Okies, need coffee as way tooo early ( and I received that iceburg you sent over now- HAHAHAHAHA) .. Mid winter and freezing up here. So different to the coastal winters I'm used too ;-(

    Think of you often and sending LOTS of loves and hugs to you and the family.


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