Friday, June 14, 2013

A Jeans Remake - Purses and Heat/Cool Packs

My Sister in Law Neti makes these really cool Heat Packs and sells them local to her town.  She has gifted me several over the years and they are the most useful things to have around, really.  I use them to do everything from heating up my toes on a cold winter’s night to keeping food warm going to a pot luck, to raising my bread dough, to keeping my teapot hot, to heating or icing ouchies. 

Now that I’m crafting and have a beautiful place to sell my crafts at The Crows Nest here in Osoyoos these were the first things I thought I would like to make. Neti gave me her blessing (and some filling) when I mentioned my idea of how I might make this craft using recycled materials. 


1-Jeans Remake poster

Kit to make poster by KimB

I have a thing for denim.  I appreciate it’s durability, ease of use and its weather worn look as it ages gives it even more appeal.  I’ll list a few of the steps from the poster a little larger here to demonstrate how I break an entire pair of jeans down into the end products.

1-Pants 1

1. Take an old (or damaged) pair of jeans.  No, these were not damaged, the cut mark was intentional in this pair.  I think these either grew off of me or something - perhaps I just got tired of them and decided to turn them into a craft rather than send them to the thrift store. 

 2-Pants 2

2. I cut the legs down, trimming the bottom seam off separately. 

3-Pants 3

3. I trim out the belt area, the front and back pockets.  I will even save the sipper for some unknown future project.   The only thing that will be discarded is the small crotch area - on the bottom right.

5-Pants 5

4. When finished I wind up with two small purses (one made of the front pockets, one made out of the back. 

4-Pants 4

5. Trimmed with a bit of lace or a band of material these make useful and attractive Heat/Ice Packs - you should be able to get 6 out of a size 8 ladies jeans.

6-Pants 6

9-Pants 9

6. Isn’t this little back-pockets purse simply adorable?  These whip together in a cinch - this is where you use up the inseams - they become the purses handle!  The inside is lined with parts of a white cotton ruffly blouse I had on hand.  Oh my - I look differently at my clothing now… do I want to WEAR this or make it over? 


7-Pants 7

7. A taller purse, more room in this one.  I did wind up putting some brown trim along that top seam in the end too.  I added some pretty shell beads onto the pocket. 

8-Pants 8

I added a blanket stitch around the edges.  A note here - I actually do not sew, that is to say that before I began making items for the store I did not even remember how to thread my sewing machine.  I have not sewn since high school and I recall that was not a fun thought of back then - but one day I saw my sewing machine as a means to an end for some of the items I want to recycle and here I am.  I’m learning something new every day. 

Stay tuned for more DIY items I’ve repurposed to appear here!  My next post will be another denim DIY - one for your pet!   Is there something cool YOU have made using denim?

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  1. These are really great Barb!!! You are so creative!!!

  2. I love how you recycle Barb, what wonderful fun project. These are so pretty, I can see them being a favorite at the shop.

  3. I pulled a pair of jean shorts out of my closet the other day and decided they would look better as a purse than on these aging legs so you post is timely and reminds me I should be taking photos along the way. Size 8, hmmm, my purse will be larger than that! Thanks for sharing your talents.

  4. Good morning Barb:)
    Wow..I can't believe the things you can make using your found items and clothing.:) These are SOOO CUTE and very useful too!! Thank you so much for sharing your ideas and the pics to go with them.:)

    Love and HUGE hugs,


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