Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Mmmmm Mushrooms!

One thing I love about spring is the delight of discovering mushrooms emerging.  My Father loved them and he taught me to identify a few types.  One of these is Morels.  As a child I disliked all mushrooms, and in particular these Morels appeared to me as little brown brains.  Now that I’m all grown up, I can’t get enough of them.


I feel so fortunate to have discovered some this year.  They are not easy to spot at all sometimes.  They hide in amongst the foliage - and they emerge at different times.  I was blessed with an abundance so I chose to dry some. They can be reconstituted in whatever liquid you choose, making them very versatile. 

Snapguide Morels

I have created a Snapguide with instructions on one method of drying these delicious fungi.  Click on the picture to be taken to it!

bbc mushroom

I also just “happened” upon a fascinating BBC podcast all about mushrooms in general - why not tune in and learn all about the astonishing world of fungi - and even find out how one man, Phil Ross,  is “growing” furniture out of fungi! Just click on the photo above to be taken to the listening page.


And lastly, if you’d like to learn about Morels in general, you will want to visit The Great Morel website, click on the image above to go there too!  One must be VERY careful identifying mushrooms so be sure to check out all the info there.

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  1. mmm mushrooms ...got love them...so happy for you. Mushrooms ...and more mushrooms.

    Miss you lots.



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