Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I’ve been…

I know I’ve been very absent from here for a while - its all because I’ve been blessed to be invited to host all my creativeness at a new shop on main street in town (in beautiful Osoyoos, BC)  The home to all my crafting projects.  The shop has just been open for a few weeks - here are some pics!


This photo was taken just a few days after opening so there are more items you might not see here. EVERYTHING is hand made or hand crafted!  This is the loving labours of talented artists.


The shop is hosted in a quirky building with several lovely rooms.  Each room is a special treasure trove in itself.  There is something to catch your interest in every area.


This room features beautiful quilted items, almost makes me long for a grandbaby *wink*


Isn’t this lamp fabulous?  I could bask in it’s lavender glow for an entire rainy day while reading a vintage book - wonder if I could pose as a store mannequin in the cozy bed in this room?


Or perhaps on a hot day I’d sit in front of this fan and tune in a classic movie on this vintage tv?  Check out the old lunch pail atop the nook!  I wonder if my Mr would like this for all the baking I’ve been blessing him with lately.


Loads of terrific sewn items - nothing beats handmade!


Get that cool cowboy boot/bird house?  Too fun! 


One front window features oh-so-interesting items you can feast your eyes on even when the shop is closed.

I’m sooooo proud to feature my designing-ness at The Crows Nest.  I know, you’re wondering what I HAVE in the store?  Well… that will be my very next post… and then the next and the next!  Stay tuned! 

In the meantime you can always visit The Crows Nest via their Facebook Page.

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  1. What a fun shop... I cant wait to hear more :)

  2. Oh Barb...HOW EXCITING! I am SOOO HAPPY for you. I know you are so CREATIVE and this is SUCH A BLESSING for you! Praise the Lord!:)

    I LOVE the store and the way they have it set up in sections.It looks sooo cozy and I can just see you sitting under that lamp curled up and reading a book.:)

    I also LOVE the name of the store.Crow's Nest.I bet if you could see into a crows nest..you would fine all kinds of COOL treasures.:)

    I am SOOO missing you my friend..but I KNOW you are doing what makes you HAPPY.CREATING! You truly are a child of God.:)

    Love and hugs,

  3. Congratulations Barb. It sure looks like a really nice place to soak in some art. They are blessed to have you as part of their creative team. I know your talents will bring a lot to this lovely little store. Hugs, Debbie

  4. oh how fun Congratulations. I love to got to shops like this -- You are very blessed. Have a graet weekend


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