Friday, March 30, 2012

Mojo 234

I’ve been away visiting with my sweet little sister, Nina and spending time with my in-laws (we are having an early Easter gathering as it fits in with Spring Break for school)  Basically internet-less and feeling almost scarily like I’m going through withdrawals.  But no time can be more valuable than family time so in other ways I’m very happy about that.

My time with Nina allowed us to have special sister time and  to craft together, we made a mittful of cards but I’m only going to share Mojo at this time because I am having to use my iphone as an internet hotspot and can’t afford to eat up my data.  I also will not be doing my rounds on blogs at this time either, its a longer process to comment than I’d like, and I like to comment if I visit and again, family time is precious so I will pop this post in and then do just that.   I’m having a just me and Mom-in-law lunch date today.  So I apologise if I’ve missed you but I will be back online this week. 



Here is my take on this sketch:


Designer Paper - Little Black Dress

Cupcake Stamp - Rubber Stamp Tapestry

Happy Birthday stamp - I’m not sure, I misplaced the packaging. 

The rest of the card items are just bits and bobs collected from thrift stores etc. 


I’m looking forward to sharing photos from my vacation, stay tuned!


  1. We certainly did make a mittful of cards, I love creating with you. Your Mojo is great, I love this DP.

  2. Good afternoon Barb:)
    It's WONDERFUL to see another post from you and to know you are doing great and are having a fantastic time with your family.:)
    I am missing you ..BIG time!!!! I am so happy for you though!!:) Family means so much!!
    I LOVE your card!! LOVE the way you tied the tag to the bow!!:)So COOL!
    I won't keep you any longer my friend.Gotta watch the data on your phone.:)

    Love and hugs,


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