Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer's coming (iphone pics) and a Free Vintage image!


Supposedly a picture is worth a 1000 words so I’ll let my camera do most of the talking and then top it all off with a pretty vintage image my friend Pam has generously donated for you!

June 14 flowers


June 14 flowers2

June 14 flowers5



June 14 flowers4


June 14 flowers6

These were some of the lovely blooms I saw this week.  Now, onto the kitchen:

June 14 flowers7

Love having fresh herbs etc in the kitchen – bringing in oregano, chive blossoms (baked into an artisan cheese bread) and…


I tried my hand at freshly toasted coconut – my Mr bought me a “nut” and milked it and broke the shell and then shaved the meat with a very sharp veggie peeler.  I browned it in the heat and I will tell you there is NO comparison to store bought packaged.  You must try this!

And onto a few odds of photos:


This is a little fishing lake not so far from us where we often like to escape to – only there is usually MANY feel of bare beach in front of that picnic table – I’d say about 40 feet!


Beautiful horses – gorgeous photo op!

And last but not least (or best for last, perhaps?)  Here is the promised freebie of a vintage page from my friend Pam – more to come soon!

Click on the image to download!  Personal use.  Please leave some love for Pam here – she’s not a blogger and this is also her first time to give anything away!  A little encouragement goes a long way.



PSSSST – I see KimB has a pretty Gift as well for you – and she could use some kind words to WARM her up – yes, she does live in South Africa… but oh my I do believe I saw SNOW on her blog!


  1. love the photos ..girl you have an eye for catching those awesome moments. Thanks for the freebie from Pam...thanks so much Pam awesome job. Well back to try and figure out a card for Mojo.

    hugs and lots of love

  2. As always sis, fabulous images. Thank you so much for posting the freebee.

  3. AnonymousJune 15, 2011

    Merci BEAUCOUP Pam for this beautiful postcard and bravo !!
    Bonjour Barb,
    Though you could think i had forgotten you, i didn't. Since March :
    1) Double slipped disc, 2 months laying in bed on the back.
    2) My hard drive died...The technician brought my computer back this evening and i have a lot of work ahead to reinstall some softwares. As to my personal email, it just vanished (e-mails, contents and precious datas)Nothing to be retrieved at all...
    But as would say Elisabeth (the second): "C'est la vie."

    Your flowers are superb ! Would you know the name of the blue ones ?
    Fresh herbs in your bread is a very good idea, with some olives it would sound like a "proven├žal" bread...
    I would never have had the idea to toast (don't know whether this verb is right) coconut flesh but i will do it knowing the taste is far best when grilled like almonds or hazelnuts.
    I'll be back...
    C from Paris ☺ ♥

  4. Good morning Barb:)
    Sorry it took me so long to get back over here.:( I tell about it on my blog if you are curious.LOL
    I LOVE your photos!!! Those flowers are so PRETTY!! I would love to see the surrounding area too..hint hint.:)That lake seems to be spreading and taking over more than it's share!!!hehe
    I have never tried to toast my own coconut right out of the shell..Looks yummy!!!:)
    THANK YOU sooo much Pam for the GORGEOUS page you have given to us!!!!So SWEET of you!!:)I LOVE IT!! THANK YOU Barb..for posting it for her!!

    Huge hugs and much love!!

  5. WOW..nice pic's Barb! Flowers,horses and my Tomatos!!!!
    Have to try the coconut.
    Love Pam's element!

  6. photos are beautiful and thanks for all you share! much love, my friend. :)


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