Sunday, June 19, 2011

More June iphone photos - and another Vintage Element freebie (from my friend Pam)

Here’s more little iphone adventures – I have fun observing what’s blooming, ripening up etc and I love that I can catch it all on my iphone and share it with you.

Apricots are beginning to pink up – they are a nice size too. Smoothies – here we come!

And the cherries are looking highly bite-able!

The lake remains high – backing off just enough so people living on the shore can breathe a little easier. Yes, that bench is sitting on someone’s dock.

I enjoy the patterns in the petals these succulents

My little walks turn into big walks because I get caught up in the beauty of even “weeds”

This cactus captures me for at least 100 photos each year.

Remember these beautiful poppies from last week?

They have a whole new stark beauty this week.

Thanks for coming along on my weekly walks and putting up with my picture after picture after picture. I will never tire of the beauty in my own back yard. Every new bloom, blade of grass etc is the handiwork of God!

And, as promised, here is another beautiful vintage frame extracted from my friend Pam’s photo album. Enjoy! (PS – leaving a little comment love here for Pam would be nice too – more elements to follow in the coming weeks!)

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  1. Beautiful images sis, thank you for sharing. Thank you for the pretty element too :).


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