Monday, December 28, 2009

The trip home

After waving goodbye to Mom and Dad (always bittersweet) we made it to Chilliwack where I took the photo on the previous post. Actually my Mr. stopped me to a thrift store we discovered before leaving there where I managed to zero my holiday cash. We fueled up Seb (our van) at the chevron and ourselves with coffee at Starbucks - both high octane.

The roads were good, no falling snow unti we got to Keremeos.

This is K mountain which is the backdrop to this small town. Can you see the K?

The clouds and sun played together to create some nice scenes along the way.

The river like a ribbon of chrome.

I always wonder at this fence made of tires. This is just a tiny portin of it at this ranch. It must get very hot in our desert climate. And while I think it's a clever way of recycling the rubber I wonder if it might not pose a threat for west Nile virus with water standing in it at times.

We followed behind this vehicle for many nervous miles - it kept creeping WAY over the line.

I wonder if it was due to cell use? If it was I hope they got their fill because come January 1 it will be against the law. I say ABOUT TIME. Though I did observe one lady driving while eating fries and gravy, with a fork- on our way down to the coast...

As we neared the top of the Richter pass which is very near to home we were treated to a few miles of landscape which was flocked with a light hoarfrost.

These tiny pictures don't really do it justice.

And finally I always feel like we are home when we come to Spotted Lake. It's about a ten minute drive from home. This lake is fascinating at any time of year.

So now we are home safe and sound and snug. I look forward to a few quiet days before our daughter comes to visit. By then I will be ready to make a big creative mess with her in the kitchen and crafts room. But for now I have a date with the treadmill.

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Location:89th St,Okanagan-Similkameen A,Canada


  1. Good Evening Barb:)
    So glad to see you back! Great pics btw!! Thanks for sharing your trip with us.:) Sounds like you had a fantastic time with your family...which only continues with your daughter's visit to you.:) How sweet!
    Well..the fevers have calmed down a little around here.Not sure what Christy's is at the moment..but it got down to 98.?? today..which is GREAT!:)We are all coughing up a storm around here right I suggest you stay away for a while.snort-literally..hehe
    Hope you have a wonderful visit from your daughter and blessings continue to flow your direction my friend!!:)
    Tell your treadmill I said hey!LOL
    Love and hugs,

  2. Thanks for sharing your trip home and so glad you were kept safe on the roads.

    So how long was the drive?

    Ps can you think of some Christmas related questions/topics for me to answer on my blog to help me make it with the daily blogging?

  3. Ha, ha, ha, treadmill ... ha, ha ha! Actually, we've been good, getting out on walks every day and even had the sled out despite D being not too energetic with the cold that keeps hanging on. Now that sled is a workout!

    Nice to have a few recoup days before company.

    Aren't those drivers that weave all over the road nerve wracking though! We've been behind a few and always are glad to put them behind us!

    So glad for the new cell phone law though I don't know how they are going to enforce it. People are crazy not to have their full attention on driving ... I sure find it takes all of mine when I drive and especially at the coast! We always say those Abbotsford drivers are the wildest.

    Hoar frost sure is pretty.

    Oh and thank you for your kind comments about my looks but note, it was a blurry picture, my chin was up enough not to show all the neck wrinkles and it wasn't a close up. Still, it was kind of you to say as 56 is just around the corner. Now where DID those years go?!


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