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I've created this South Africa Mini - a version of my newest product called Paper Bag Art to feature at the Sophia Sarducci store on Monday. The reason I'm giving away a South African version is in honor to KimB. If you know Kim, then you know she's the Howard Hughes of Designing - meaning that she always giving (billions upon billions) away. There's ALWAYS something new on her bloggie, for us out here. She's Mother Hubbard in reverse, her cupboards spilleth over and she can't hand it out fast enough. She's got 'stuffies' coming out of her ears and she wants YOU to share. I'm sure they would sing about her on Seasame Street (SHAR-ING, SHAR-ING!) And when she's not giving things away, she's keeping us in stitches with her antics. If she ever has a 'normal' day it will be pretty scary! At any rate, I'm working hard to give back to YOU, lady.

Now, never fear, there's something SWEET coming for you-all in the USA/CANADA in the way of a freebie on MONDAY, so be checking back here. Ahem, I just KNOW you're going to ask too, JanMary, for something Irish... I'll get working on that. I won't leave you out.

Monday, this will be the day I launch the following kit! Its called Paper Bag Art, and its a labor of neighborly love between my country and my next door-ers. The reason it's called Paper Bag Art is because it started when I began experimenting with a paper bag texture (and some of KIMB's Commercial GrabBag Goodies - better go scoop it for yourself, if you haven't already!) and it simply grew from there. I feel very satisfied with the rich textures and colors in this kit. Be sure to line up at the store on Monday, a.m. by clicking HERE. Did I mention that Monday is always MONDAY MADNESS? You'll save additional monies off any purchases. Not a bad way to start the week!

Olivia Dorazio's PAPER BAG ART KIT
PERFECT for scrapping your favorite July1/4th PATRIOTIC memories!

The Elements!

12 Rich Papers!

I've also created a coordinating set of RUFFLY alphas, for purchase separately. These look like they were hand sewn by a fine seamstress, and boy, her fingers must be sore making all the little gathers! Available in natural bag, rich blue and deep red.

I've got to share another treasure, recently acquired at a yard sale. It was at the LAST sale during our visit with the in-laws that I scooped these creepy/cute ornaments.

my cute/ugly ornament

I have to admit, it was our SECOND visit to this particular yard sale - Miles had brought me here the previous week, and I'd admired these the first time, but when it came time to decide, I couldn't. I WANTED them, but just wasn't SURE. I've been of the policy that sometimes its ok to resist, and if you come again and things are waiting, then its ok to go for it. This visit, with Mom the Master Bargainer along, it was time to let go of any inhibitions.

They are not all perfect. A few have some chips, one has a pretty good crack. But they have APPEAL. They are DIFFERENT. Right, I am SURE I won't be seeing a set of these in YOUR house - LOL. When you watch my 'silly little slideshow' you will notice some writing on one, underside... it reads something like FLAME, JAPAN... its not 'made in japan' - that would have been a deciding factor in leaving them there. No, its something unique and the pieces have a fine patina and crackle that suggest great AGE.

Like, isn't this guy just QUIRKY? Is he supposed to be 'baseball'? Are the others supposed to resemble witches? Its truly hard to say. I'm hoping someone might just recognize these pieces!

Ok, so there's that, and my dream. I'm on tv. I'm on Antique Roadshow. The announcer has me sitting at a table, separate from the crowds with my strange little ornaments displayed. She says (with a crisp English accent) "So Barbara, you say you picked these up for 50 cents at a garage sale. What do you think they are worth?"

And I reply "Why, I have NO idea, I merely was entranced by their strangeness, it appealed to me. I thought if we had guests over and conversation was lagging I could haul them out to create conversation."

Then, the announcer says, "Well, these pieces are actually QUITE RARE... they were made in the 18__'s by a FAMOUS person, who made them for SOME SORT OF ROYALTY and there were only _ SETS EVER MADE IN THE WORLD and so these, if you were to sell them on the market today would easily fetch $___,___"

Thats when I GASP and slump over in a faint.

My Strange Little Japanese Ornaments


  1. You are so very sweet! I just woke up from my Zoey nap. I forgot how tired a 2 year old can make you and I am not in my 20's anymore! You, your words, and your love for God is such an inspiration to me! You and Val are two of the friends I missed so much!

    Thank you and hugz! Renae

  2. OMGoodness! You have sent me reeling!!!!!!!! not ONCE here, but twice!! lol First, for your INCREDIBLE thoughtfulness toward such a WONDERFUL lady!! and i LOVE LOVE LOVE your newest kit too!! very rich & deep BEAUTIFUL colors! GREAT job! but then i get down to those creepy little figures.... of which i HAVE ONE!!! LOL DH and i recently picked it up free and wondered about its origin, ourselves!! i sent a pic of the lantern and will (as soon as DH uploads from camera) send pictures of this little fellow (one of the witch types) that i have! LOL too funny! HUGS!! Thanks soo much for sharing your blog!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  3. Looking forward to seeing what you create for me :) - so exciting!

    Those are SOOOOO creepy - I really hope they are worth something, 'cos I really don't think I could have them in the house unless they were!

  4. Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 22 Jun [LA 02:20am, NY 04:20am, UK 09:20am, OZ 07:20pm]).

  5. love the little guys ...way to go sis ...and I know KimB will be so honored by the kit you have done to honor her ....awesome sutff girl..way to go

  6. I am a South African and am SO excited to see your SA Kit! Woohoo! THANK YOU!

  7. Good Morning Barb:)'s still morning..for a few minutes anyway.:)
    I LOVE your new kit!! It's gorgeous! I also love the SA freebie too.You never know..I may go to SA one day.:)Just had to have it.:)Thank you so much for sharing.I know Kim will be thrilled with it.!!!
    About your little guys and the Antique Road show..I hope your dream comes true..cept the part of you gasping and falling over.Someone might take them while you are down there and then you would gasp and fall over again.LOL
    My MIL LOVES...ugly things.She will buy the ugliest stuffed animals and what nots etc..just cause they are ugly.She gets a kick out of them.LOL Funny..she has a beautiful home.hehe
    Hope you are having a fantastic day!

    Big Hugs!!

  8. Ok GF- now you have me blabbering in my snotty tissue here! - OH GOODNESS GRACIOUS ME- I'm at a loss for words! I came now to sit and read with my lunch and tea and to see what you have been up too and you have ME in tears DAMMIT! Barb- I don't know how to thank you for this HUGE honour- I really don't~ it's a kit for ME!! And not only that it's a SOUTH AFRICAN one too! I'm sort of shocked and you never mentioned a word!!!!!!
    THANK you my friend- it means more than you will EVER know!
    huge hugs and loves

  9. LOVE your cute SA Kit, grabbed it especially for LO's of our famous rugby games LOL!! Thanks so much!!

  10. wow! this one gave me shivers and a lump in my throat! living in sa today is a tough one, especially if youre a POSITIVE south african! i love our country and am proud to be here! thanks so much for this, its awesome!

    much love ,


  11. I love your pics the most but your story and dream are very good, too! I often wonder if the goodies I pick up are of any value, heritage, etc. Sometimes you just have to accept that they mean the world to YOU, LOL! Thx for the lanterns, too, very fun!

  12. OH, I love the little figurines! I probably would have bought them also. I'm pretty sure that the one says made in Japan. But, I love their faces. Patty


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