Wednesday, August 22, 2007


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Papers and Elements: Chili Chocolate by Catharina Oelting at Scrapladies
Font: Rilo

This will be a very brief blog entry today - but had to wish our beautiful daughter here! We love you and are so very proud of you and can't wait to spend the day with you - have marked your time off on the calendar. Hugs and Kisses from both of us!

Amber Flower Download

I just hadda give something pretty away to celebrate - so I hunted up this pretty, something which belonged to my Gramma at one time! I've saved two different versions for you - the first one has no effects added, so those of you who are more advanced can enhance it any way you like! I would love to see how you use this! How bout sending me your layouts and I will feature them here? Just email me at lalalime_at_hotmail_dot_com? (doing it this way to avoid spamming)

Today in History:

Melanie was born, 24 years ago - nothing else seems as relevant or special today! LOL!


Want a NEW CAR?

Really Mel, if we could afford it we would buy you the Real Thing, but for now you will have to make do with one of these amazing little fold up cars. So small they fit in your palm - you should not have any problems parking one of these ... on your desk!



  1. Happy Birthday, Melanie - what a great smile you have! Thank you, Mrs. Miles, for the gorgeous amber flower and the paper cars link!

  2. Happy B-day you ...we all wiosh and pray the best for you ...I know your mom and Miles will be spoiling you today....XOXO

  3. Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is about to list this blog post at

  4. Barb,
    I love you! I miss you. My head hurts. Oh and I made 2 more sparkly things, I'll email you when I remember.

  5. All caught up and thank you for such awesome freebies!!!! Happy birthday to Melanie!!! :D Have a WONDERFUL day and thanks again for all you do!! hugs! :D

  6. Thanks for a great visit today my friend! It was so good to see you.

    Happy birthday to Melanie!

  7. Oh WOW- she has a gorgeous smile! Happy birthday Melanie! And Barb, I got no problem being called Kimeeeee- ROTF. Actually it's a long story that involves two Kim's in our family- the other at the time was a LOT smaller in size than me- and after a lot of confusion to 'which Kim' everyone was calling- she decided she was Kimee and I was Kimbo as she was smaller than I was!! YUGH! hahaha- So actually it feels like a compliment- hee hee. Love the jewel flower! Thank you
    Hugs Kim

  8. Happy birthday to your daughter!! :)

    And many thanks for the beautiful elements you share with us. :)

    Best wishes. :O)

  9. Hi Barb....finally finding some time to blog hop :-)

    Happy Birthday Melanie!!!!!

    Hope everything is good with you!! Can't wait to catch up!! (((hugs)))

  10. Just dropped in for a visit today and what a greeting! Of course, it wasn't MY birthday, but since mine was a real bummer this year, it was absolutelyl wonderful to see the beautiful smiling face of YOUR Melanie. I always love layouts where the focus is on the face and not the frou-frou. Brilliant job. Thanks for the inspiration, as always. Melanie

  11. Oh dear Mrs. Miles! I've been so remiss in posting comments on anyone's blog! I've been too caught up ... doing things with Sweetie Pie before he goes back to work tonight (Sunday).

    First, Happy Belated Birthday to your beautiful Melanie! Looks a good bit like her Momma if you ask me!

    Second, Thanks for liking my blog(s). This blogging does take a bit of time but I'm doing my best to keep it up ... The Cicero Sings one for 1 year and the Cariboo Walk one for as long as I find nature things to post about (that one may take the rest of my life ... God's creation is so VAST)!

    I hope you are having a good Sunday ... times of praise, learning and fellowship ... times of refreshing from the Lord.

    Talk to you more soon ... TTFN ... Ciseroo from the Cariboo!

  12. LOL! Fold up cars! Love the freebie , links and quotes as always! :)


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