Wednesday, August 29, 2007

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you won't be taken away from today's blog entry!

I've been experiementing with swirls. I see them everywhere and I love them, but somehow when I put the pen in my hand my mind draws a blank. I made myself 'sit still!' for an hour until I came away with something of use! Hope you enjoy. Don't forget you can easily change the color of the swirls. In case you're new to Photoshop its quite easy to make a color change. The simplest and quickest way is to go to the menu bar and choose Image - Adjustments - and then Variations. Just play around there until you get the color you desire!

'nudder award (BLUSH!)

Awwwww! My friend Kim selected me for this sweet award. I'm overwhelmed folks. This from Kim, who I enjoy to visit as often as I can for a good belly-laugh daily as well as her amazing talent (she is totally over-generous with freebies too, folks!) You better scoot over and see what's up with her today and snap up her goodies - and shout hello to her too, while you're there. You can visit Kim by clicking here and I've added a permanent link on my sidebar as well. HI KIM!

For my choice for this award I would like to lift up Fantacy. I'm bowled over by you, girl. Seems whereever I go to leave a comment on anyone's blog, I'm bound to see you've been there first, leaving a whole lot of encouragement and praise. You lift the corners of everyone elses mouths in a smile - so I'm doing this for you today. Fantacy has a giving nature too, and you can often find some nice 'stuff' to download at her blog too. You can find her by clicking here.

Most smiles are started by another smile

"A glad heart makes a cheerful countenance"

Proverbs 15:13

Life is mostly froth and bubble,

Only two things stand like stone

Kindness in another's trouble,

Courage in your own.

by Adam Lindsay Gordon

Ahhh ... Foccacia

Yesterday was Miles first day back at school, so I spoke his "Love Language" by baking him happy. It was pleasantly cool outside, so I made a HUGE pot of homemade beef noodle and vegetable soup - almost completely from our garden veggies. And of course, I made bread to go along - Foccacia with and without olives. I love to top it with fresh rosemary. Yes, my sister Nina, I'm thinking of you as we eat it. Nina made me almost weep when she informed me she has a huge bush that gets mowed over all the time... wish I could send you a piece.

apple time in the Okanagan!

Today in History:

1475 - The Truce of Picquigny was signed, under which Edward IV of England agreed to withdraw his invading army from France in return for gold and a yearly pension.

1828 - For his self-regulating wagon brake, Robert Turner of Ward, Massachusetts received a patent.

1833 - In England, the "Factory Act", legislation to settle child labor laws, was passed in England.

1842 - The Treaty of Nanking was signed between the British and Chinese, ending the first Opium War. The treaty confirmed the ceding of Hong Kong island to Britain.

1882 - Australia defeated England in cricket for the first time, prompting an obituary notice in the Sporting Times declaring the "death" of English cricket. More recently, in the final game of the 1999 Cricket World Cup, Australia beat Pakistan by eight wickets.

1885 - Gottfried Daimler received a patent for the first motorcycle.

1886 - The chef of Li Hung-Chang, China's ambassador to the United States, came up with a new dish in New York City. It called chop suey.

1946 - On Decca Records, Ella Fitzgerald and The Delta Rhythm Boys recorded "It’s a Pity to Say Goodnight". The song would be one of Lady Ella’s most popular.

1964 - The Roy Orbison single, "Oh, Pretty Woman", was released. On September 26, 1964, it hit number one for a 3 week run, becoming Orbison's biggest hit ever. "Oh, Pretty Woman" was his second #1 hit, the other was "Running Scared" on June 5, 1961.

1966 - The Beatles, one of the most popular Rock and Roll bands of all time, made their last scheduled public performance before the group disbanded in 1970. Performing in front of 24,000 screaming fans at Candlestick Park (called today 3Com Park) in San Francisco, the concert began at 8 pm and lasted about 33 minutes.

1973 - United States President Nixon was ordered by Judge John Sirica to turn over the Watergate tapes. Nixon refused and appealed the order.

Barb's Handy Tip # 302

Who's your Match?

Ever wondered if you look like a celebrity - (or vice versa?) With this site you can upload your own photo and they will try to match you! Then you can send the match to your email. A great way to waste some of your day away. Let me know who you resemble?



  1. You're up early today my friend. I'm still groggily surfing through blogs & wishing I was still in bed but my stuffed up nose woke me way earlier than normal.

    I finished the book - loved it - and will return it to the library this week!

  2. HI BARB!!-*waving hand* LOL,OH girl you make my heart so 'warm'- thank you for the links ( all of them!!) Got yours in my fav's- need to make time to update my blog- LOL. Have just got back from shoppping for school shoes again!! Gee's I only bought Nathan a new pair 2 months ago! Teens and growth spurts can make you broke! hahahaLOL. You have to get Miles to take you to Soap Lake- hahaha, ok the mud I've been in is river mud- but its sooo fun to squish it through your toes! LOL. No I've never been scared of getting dirty. And the boys clothes over the holidays get washed in a bucket outside with old fashioned HAND soap- LOL. But they never come clean!! Oh I soooo love the quote and the swirly's today! Stealing both- hee hee! And Barb I HAVE to get that Foccaci recipe!!! PWEASE..begging! hahahaha.
    Loves Me

  3. Home made soup and fresh foccacia ... Drool! Never tried making foccacia ... do you have a tried and true recipe?

  4. Good Afternoon Barb:)
    I love the swirls..thank you so much.:)You did an excellent job on them.I draw doodles and that is exactly what they look like..doodles.LOL I am starving. I haven't had lunch yet and that bread is making my mouth water.I need a bib.LOL
    Just stopped in to say hi and see what you have been up to.:)If you don't have enough paperclips..I have some on my blog for you.LOL

    Great big hugs!

  5. The swirls you made are awesome! Thank you so much! I have been thinking about making some myself, but haven't figured out how yet ;)

    Congratulations on your award!

    Hugs :)

  6. Thank you for the swirls. They're VERY pretty!

  7. As always, your blog is so inspiring, Barb. Thanks so much for the pretty flowers.

  8. Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is about to list this blog post at

  9. TY so very much for the fantastic swirls Barb!!!!

  10. Thanks so much for the great freebie, the links, quotes, verses, etc! Love your blog and freebies! Love Roy Orbison! The history line is great too! :)

  11. Thank you so much for sharing your talents!! and for making me so HUNGRY now lol sometimes with your pix and descriptions, i can almost smell what you are making!! and it is always ever soooooooo YUMMY!!! lol
    Thanks for making me smile!
    Have a WONDERFUL day! :D

  12. Fantastic swirls, :) thanks so much for sharing them with us. And that foccacia bread looks wonderful and very yummy that recipe has to be fantastic too. :)

    Thanks so much for your post, and best wishes. :O)

  13. Thanks for the lovely swirls! The foccacia looked heavenly! :)


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