Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Sorry, I've no free element to offer today - I've been helping Miles, as it should be. Just a few more things to get off our plates we've been wanting to finish, then we will take some time away. A miniature honeymoon at home. I also did not want to wait to share my pictures of Roger and Marie's sweet babies with you. Fudge is only a week or so old, but already she and the other baby (was Splotch it's nickname now?) We drove out to the farm and enjoyed some time with both our friends and their babies. I would have liked to get a few real closeups, but it would have been both tricky and time consuming. One must be on one's best manners or the adults make threatening signs with their faces, meaning you might just get 'spat' on...


Mom 'Pacca kept a close eye on me anytime I was in baby-range... but baby checked me out too.

Some cool news - you can now LISTEN to all my blogs as I've set my blog up to be automatically detected by Bluegrind. What a GREAT service! I know more than a few of you have mentioned how hearing a MALE voice threw you off. How do you know thats not really me? hahahahahhaha..... its not.


I also want to share some important information with you. Recently, our daughter brought some Olay Quench Moisturizing cream with her... and she urged me to try it. I did - and I really liked it. It went on smoothly, non greasy, smelled great and it sparkled! She also did the Olay Regenerist thing on me. She wants to take care of her Mommy.

I liked the Quench so much, I went to our local drugstore the next day and purchased it. Then I came home and did what I should have done in the first place. I checked it out thru the Skin Deep database. Zikes. Its not so good for you. In fact, out of 10 my Quench cream rated a 7 for being bad, while the Regenerist rated 10/10 for being bad.

I do want to say, that after researching the data base, I was able to find a much SAFER, BETTER product, also through Olay, so that was a good thing.

I'd like to save you some grief by pointing you to the following pages so you can check out your own sunscreen products. (and later on you can discover all the other cosmetic products you use.) The first page is for the top 50 sunscreens out there that have an spf rating above 15. You can see it by clicking on the following address:

This second link is where you can scroll down to look at the BEST and worst - so you can choose something a little safer. Don't just take MY word, though I feel this website is the real thing.

Well, enough from me for the day. I'm out for a swim. I hope you have a wonderful day! Thanks for visiting my blog!


  1. Hi Barb ((hugs)) Awww Fudge is too cute!! Yes being spat on doesn't sound so appealing?? *LOL*

    Enjoy your honeymoon at home - you two deserve it!

    Thanks for the tip about Olay regenerist I was just looking at that the other day thinking...hmmm maybe?? Now it's a NO!!!

    Nick Sends you (((huggies)) back!


  2. Hi! It's me again.

    Fudge is too, too cute. Those eyes!

    Thanks for the interesting links regarding cosmetics. I don't use make up as I have always felt, that what was in it, couldn't be good for your skin. I don't know what made me think that way, my sister wouldn't be caught dead without make up on. The skin is one of our bigger organs and what is put on it absorbs very quickly into the system. That is one reason I started making my own soap and going to natural oils & essential oils for our skin etc. As for sun screen, we don't use it. D gets reports from some health doctors that say the sun screen is worse than the sun. We actually need the sun to produce enough vitamin D. People staying out of the sun (as a result being even more couch potato-ish and thus adding to the total health issue) is apparently causing a lot more illness then we even know! Sun screen sales have NOT reduced the amount of skin cancer but hey, they've got people convinced to buy it. Interesting. One has to be careful during the hottest parts of the day, but we still need sun exposure. I have a long sleeved, cream colored blouse that I use when things start heating up ... and hats!

    P.S. Virgin Olive Oil is a mild sun screen, as well as raw, untoasted Sesame oil (the latter is a little smelly but a tad more effective then the Olive Oil) ... not that we use either for that purpose. I just cover up so I don't burn.

    PPS I don't usually say anything to people ... just 'cuz ... but seeing as you brought it up.

    PPPS ... I did wear make up for my wedding!

  3. Thanks so much for the links to the safecosmentic website and the cosmeticdatabase. I actually use some Olay products and I will checked them, as any other ones. I try to look labels but you don't understand that well the cosmetic ones. So it's wonderful advice. :) Many thanks for it. :)

    And thanks a lot for the baby alpaca's photos. They look big teddy, so huggable. :)

    Have a great new honeymoon and best wishes. :O)

  4. Thanks Mrs. Miles, for checking on that plant. That is indeed what it is. I stumbled on it by accident earlier today on the internet. Maybe I'll put up a nature blog one day ... with all the stuff I like to know about things posted on it. "Plants and Critters of B.C." or some such like ....

  5. i LOVE the alpaca pix!! thanks so much for sharing the wonderful stories and links!! Have a fun swim and BEAUTIFUL day :D

  6. Hey there! I am loving the photos in today's post. I love animals, especially these cute little innocent babies with the big wonder-filled eyes :) Can you only imagine how the world looks to them? Thanks for brightening my day.


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