Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Just a quick post today - 'course I always intend them to be that way...
Thank you all so VERY MUCH for your kind comments - I appreciate 'em! If you are a first time visitor to my blog, you may notice I post all my downloads to yousendit, therefore they are only valid for a week. PLEASE tell me if there are any elements you missed and might like. If possible, I will repost them or email them to you! :)
Yesterday, as Miles and I were on our way home after walking in the cool evening air, he asked me what I intended on blogging today. I told him that, other than sharing with you all about the neat-o end-of-the-school-year-I've-been-saving-for-to-surprize-you-before-vacation present. Its a way cool little toy to take on our travels - an Epson Picture Mate Personal Photo Lab. What an amazing little piece of technology!
And its Alison's fault, really... she aquired one recently, and when Miles and I were at her place she gave us the tour - which planted the seed... he he, thank you Ali!
So, back to the point of my journalling for today, when Miles asked me what I was going to blog to you about, I told him, frankly, I did not have a clue. No sooner had we said that when good journalling-type things began to happen.
We stopped at the Painter's gallery to collect the unsold paintings which I had submitted to the Painter's and Potters Art Clearance Sale, which was held on July 1st. To my delight I noticed two were missing - so I'm assuming they were sold. Then, carrying the paintings, under arm, we stopped in at Tim Hortons (a great Canadian Tradition!) to enjoy a coffee. We had hardly crossed the threshold when we were accosted by an exhuberent French Canadian fellow who had obviously visited the bar first! He spied our artworks right away and struck up a conversation. He was very taken with one of the pencil drawings an bought it on the spot - go figure. We were concerned how he would transport it, but he tucked it into his guitar case. In conversation he claims to be the "King of the Transients" (we have a huge influx of French Canadian workers come every year. And though he informed us he has no fixed address, who are we to say he might not post that drawing up wherever he happens to find himself each day. Somehow its a sweet thought.
The second bloggable event was the dual fireworks displays we were witness to, from our front porch, no less! We live 5 mins from the USA border, and have a clear view to the end of the valley, to Oroville, Washington. Being July 4th, there was an incredible fireworks display going on. The entire time, a huge storm system was passing through, and though it shed little rain, the lightening and thunder were awesome. God's display dwarfs anything man can make. One feels so insignificant in the scheme of things when watching it all. It came to my mind that God's surround sound system for thunder just ROCKS!
EXODUS 20:18
When the people saw the thunder and lightning
and heard the trumpet
and saw the mountain in smoke,
they trembled with fear.
They stayed at a distance
I recieved a nice card in the mail yesterday from Focus on the Family with a recipe for Asian Lettuce Wraps - and they said to visit their site for fun summer ideas - so click HERE to visit and .... have fun!!
I dunno... I just have to tell you that I get a ton of awesome and tasteful and articulate stuff from Martha Stewart. I don't know if you've ever visited her website, but it is PACKED with great entertaining ideas, good advice and crafts, etc... you GOTTA go... just click HERE to arrive at Martha's!


  1. AnonymousJuly 05, 2006

    Great little flower! Thanks so much.

  2. AnonymousJuly 05, 2006

    Thank You for the flower it's really beautful!!!!!!!!!!

  3. neat-o flower! thanks ! Yay for the printer treat for you!
    will you be blogging on your trip? or do i need to prepare myself now for your hiatus? :)


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