Monday, July 03, 2006


This gold frame is quite small - meant as an embellishment. I put a picture of my sweetie inside to show you how it might look - but when you download the png, the inside will be transparent - ready for your special person!
I had a request from my friend Camy, a talented published writer, to let you know of a special event/contest she has going on at her blog! I hope you will scoot on over and check it out - HERE! Looks like something you won't want to miss!
You all want to be here at my blog tomorrow - I'm going to be giving a patritoic USA element away - please let your friends know!
With only a week and counting down, before we leave on vacation, I'm struggling. Every day is filled with chores which need to be 'ticked off' my list. As soon as I tick one item off, two more are added. What disturbs me is I find myself plowing through the list by rote. I'm forgetting to pray as much, and I'm cuttitng corners in order to save time. What I DO hear, in my prayers, is - what good will it be if I arrive at the end of the week and though I'm completely prepared for vacation, I'm not at peace with God, and I am at odds with my sweet husband.
Miles has been pretty patient with me. I have examined myself, and found the most curious trait. He may ask me to help him with some small task, and I find some reason I can't do that particular thing. Its not just that I may be unable, or busy...somewhere along the way I've come to resent him asking me to do stuff. It was shocking to realize this. Now that I'm aware, I've observed this phenomena and have come to the conclusion its our old arch-enemy - familiarity.
How I know this, is that someone else could call me up and ask for a favour - and I don't feel that same way - in fact, I'm quick to assure them that it's not a problem, no trouble at all. (Well, I am getting a bit better - even Miles has commented) Used to be, in fact, I would volunteer HIS time as well.
But besides this, the point is, I find myself rushing about 'doing' things... without love. I don't know the point where I began to simply accomplish things - things like saying goodbye to friends, going to Church, helping Miles finish a project etc...without giving them to God, without doing them with a loving heart. Jesus wants to walk with me, but I keep rushing ahead. No matter how far ahead I get He patiently waits for me to notice while I pray and wait for Him to be by my side again. (I do this when I walk with Miles too, as I am a fast walker. All of a sudden I realize I'm 1/4 block ahead)
Thank you Lord, for your patience. As I rush on ahead, you wait for me. When I come to realize and confess, you don't condemn me. And, worse, when I rush around, without love, you still love me. No matter what I DO, if I don't know YOU, it is all meaningless. Thank you for bringing me to the knowledge that I desire YOU to be first in my life - the rest will take care of itself.
I think its all summed up in this song that I like, by Ginny Owens:
AND I could sing like an angel,
songs so humble and so thankful
Full of drama and emotion,
so the world would know Your truth.
I could give away my money and my clothes and my food
To restore those people who are poor,
AND lost, and down-and-out.
Oh, I could succeed at all these things,
Find favor with peasants and kings,
But if I do not love, I am nothing.
I could live a flawless life,
Never cheat or steal or lie,
And always speak so kindly,
smile SO warmly,
and go about doing good.
I could dedicate myself to do what everyone else wants me
to-Listen to them, compliment them, say the things I should.
I could show up every Sunday,
lead the Choir and Bible Study
And they all might come to know me as a leader and a friend.
Oh, I could achieve success on Earth,
but success cannot define my worth
And all these actions, all these words,
THEY will not matter in the end-
CAUSE Songs will fade to silence,
Stories, they will cease.
The dust will settle, covering all my selfless deeds.
So as I strive to serve You,
Won't You make it clear to me,
THAT If I do not love, I am nothing.
AND If I cannot live my life loving my brother,
Then how can I love the One who lived His life for me?
OH, Sent to Earth from Heaven,
Humble Servant, Holy King,
Come to share a story, get no glory,
and save my searching soul,
You knew that I'd deny You,
crucify You, but nothing could stop You
from living for me, dying for me,
so that I would know
THAT Songs will fade to silence,
Stories they will cease,
The dust will settle covering ALL MY selfless deeds.
But Your life here has made it clear enough for me to see
That if I do not love,
I am nothing

Discourage Ticks and Other Nasty Bugs!
This tip comes from Reader's Digest - have not tried it myself...YET. I hate ticks...we've had some experiences with them, so I will try this one this summer. Rub some chest rub (vicks) on your legs and pants before you go hiking. This will discourage ticks, gnats and mosquitoes - they hate the smell, it says!


  1. leave it with the Lord and you will shine thru the element ..thanks Barb

  2. Thanks so much for the shout-out, Barb!


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