Monday, September 26, 2005


I've started going to the gym with my husband. I'm eating my words of earlier on in my blog, that I avoided the gym. First off, I broke the handle on the eliptical trainer, then, I sheared off an entire spike that was an essential part of the mechanism....and with a great clang I found myself stalled. So I gave in and went to the gym. And I actually enjoyed it. Could be the nice little mp3 player Miles bought me for my birthday... Anyways, I have been really into sit-ups lately. I built up over a few weeks before Miles got to do some with me. He was blown away, I could do 120! But I have to share this, when he does his, he tucks his feet underneath the loveseat at home, and I sit on it so it does not move. Now as soon as he gets going, I burst into laughter. I don't know why, and I seem unable to control it. And the harder I try to control it the harder it is. Of course it makes him laugh and well, have you ever attempted a sit up while laughing? Since then, we've had to do our sit ups at the gym. Must be the atmosphere there..we get right serious. Posted by Picasa

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