Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The 'Left Wing' elipitcal machine

I broke my eliptical excersize machine yesterday. Never mind that I did'nt relish getting on the thing in the first place. I procrastinated all day, and only by dangling a virtual carrot in my mind that I would watch Oprah, did I talk myself into a commitment. Of course Oprah was a repeat. Of course it was one of those shallow ones where she entertains famous people.... I really prefer her shows that have some meat to them...the ones where she gives people stuff or actually talks about stuff that we can identify with. When she wants to she can really pull together a show that captivates and informs. I suppose she has to hob-nob a bit tho....

So back to the point of my story...I'm watching Oprah, doing my gerbil-like gyrations on the machine, when the right side handle of the machine begins to bend. When it should return to an upright position, it simply stays in my hand. What a neat little trick for Satan to pull on me! For two cents I would have given up right then and there except I've promised my dearest husband I will try for a 'washboard' tummy for him. To top it off, when he walks in the door, from the gym where he does is own personal torture, he encourages me to quit if I feel so led and he will take me for a walk later. Talk about temptation. But, remember, Oprah is featuring those stick-figure stars....and it actually serves to make me more determined than ever to reach my goal.

Oprah, those last 25 sit-ups were both to spite you and to prepare me in case I get famous and come on your show with Miles...and by the way, don't bother to ask me unless Miles comes too, we are a set!

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