Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Floral Happy Birthday (200th Muse Challenge)


Congrats to MUSE on their 200th Challenge!  What a milestone!  Here’s the “muse” we are asked to model our card after:

this card was created by Jenni Murray and I couldn’t think of straying very far from her beautiful example so I just went with it in all it’s glory, adding a few personal touches. 

I used a slice of 6 x 6 from a block, the designer is 1/2 wiped out by the sticky tape and it lifted off though I see the word “HADFEILD” and I think it says “HOME-MADE” for the name of it. The stamp is by Bo Bunny and the Floral is by Prima.  The leaves though, that’s something all of my own, a little cheat of sorts…


When I’m at the thrift stores or dollar stores, I pick up silk flowers and leaves, then I simply either use them ‘as is’ or I trim them with scissors.  They look so much more real than paper and sometimes there is wire inside them and so they bend and fold to look very natural. 


Why not light up someone’s day today?  Why not – it’s free to give and yet it can start a domino of smiles…

This poem by Margaret M. Dixon encourages us:


It lights the face with beauty, entirely lifts the gloom,

As will a tiny lantern some corner of a room,

And the passer-by is gladdene, when someone stops awhile,

To have a little cheery word, made richer by a smile


Smiling is so easy, and yet we often may

Neglect to light another’s path in this quite simple way,

So, when the world is blanketed with mist and pouring rain,

Just smile – it could bring sunshine into someone’s life again.


  1. This is beautiful and it is so totally your own !Your picture of where your leaves comes from made me smile and not a cheat at all!:) Thank you for joining in with us this week over at Muse!x

  2. love your card ...and what a neat idea for the leaves ...I will have to check that out. Thanks for sharing


  3. Gorgeous flower! Fabulous idea to use those leaves!

  4. Beautiful card. And what a great idea to use silk flowers.

  5. Beautiful card for the Muse, love the pink. I LOVE the poem you shared, such beautiful words! I love looking at your Instagram too!

  6. This is gorgeous - the rich colours and the texture of the flower is so elegant! So glad you joined us at Muse this week!

  7. Beautiful take on the card - love the rich colours!

    Jen xx

  8. Very pretty card. It's a beautiful take on the Muse :)

  9. Really lovely card Barbara

  10. Beautiful rich colors. Love the texture of the flowers and leaves. Wonderful interpretation of the MUSE card.

  11. Love the texture & dimension your flower & leaves add to the card!


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