Monday, September 19, 2016

Camping Weekend at Steamboat Rock

My butt is scooched nicely into my chair, cup of green chai tea by my side, laundry doing its thing in the machines so I’m taking a moment to share some pics of my birthday weekend getaway.  First I must tell you that we totally had planned to venturing off in Sebastian, our happy VW camper van, however he bucked and tooted in our drive, sent out some ‘smoke’ and blasted out some liquid underneath and that was that.  My Mr totally gave me choices at this point, but I was adamant we would now ‘tent it’. 

September 2016 6

Our site at beautiful Steamboat Rock State Park

We lucked into a sweet site and booked for two nights.  We were greeted by wild turkeys gobbling (pun intended) up stuff in the grass.

Our first night was so warm and magical that we opted to sleep under the stars – meaning we did not put the fly on our tent.  It was blissful – until the middle of the night when it began to rain.  We would have been comical had you been able to see us scurry and try to assemble that durn thing in the dark.  But after that we slept like logs. 

Saturday morning brought just a light constant spatter and though it would have been tempting to just lay and snuggle all day we chose to to hike up to the top of Steamboat Rock and all around.

September 2016 2 

The Rabbitbrush is in bloom, with this and the sage the landscape is like a pastel painting.  The trail is easy to navigate up to the base of the rock, then its a bit of hiking and scramble to get up to the top.  Once at the top though, the going is easy and the views spectacular.

September 2016 1

Mr trekkin’

September 2016 8

Some places you can look wayyyy over the basalt bluffs to see the water surrounding on every side.

September 2016 9

Across the plains…

September 2016 3

Taking time for some fun on some random huge boulders.

September 2016 7

Enjoying the cool holey lava rocks and rocks painted with lichen and the pretty buckthorn.

September 2016 4

And almost around the top, following this trail and thrilling ourselves with the looks “waaayyy down” over the edge once in a while. 

Our hike took us till lunch then we headed off to Soap Lake and Euphrata where we had a bite of lunch.  A lazy afternoon and a BRILLIANT sunny sunset.  A perfect weekend.

I’m so glad we decided to tent camp.  It really simplified things and reminded us how much we enjoyed this way back when we were first married.  Do YOU ever tent camp?  Do you ever miss it? 

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you enjoyed my pics.

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  1. It looks like quite the weekend Sis, these are spectacular photos. Thank you for sharing with us that are a little less adventurous.


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