Monday, June 20, 2016

Baby Milestones Heart FREEBIE for your Silhouette



A little tiny nose, ears like two delicate shells, rosy cheeks and soft lashes, downy hair and sigh-soft baby skin – I’m a Gramma for the second time and I wanted to celebrate by making a FREE cutting file which will help me mark each milestone along the journey.  I couldn’t find anything out there that was already made up so I designed my own. 




(Zipped File Folder)

For PERSONAL use only

This download includes all you need to mark off all the special months and years.  This is a sweet prop which you can customize as you need.  Personally – I used the small single heart template(move the “1 month old” off before cutting”  out of paper but then used it to cut a nice stiff heart from foam core board.  The outside “frill” from paper – I chose a pretty watercolor paper (on the firm side)  The numbers have coordinating offsets.  I used black vinyl for the black offset, then glitter cardstock for the actual numbers, gluing them on.  This ends up being just over 6 inches in size, the perfect finishing touch to baby’s photos. 


Any suggestions of what else I might design for baby?


  1. Congratulations, Gramma! These are very fun. :)

  2. wow thank you so much Barb for the freebie ...I know you and Miles will have a great time has grandma and grandpa ...HUGS


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