Sunday, April 06, 2014

FREE .studio (Silhouette) File Hinged Easter Egg!

A friend of mine asked me to make her a couple of Easter cards and I decided to get original and design something myself.  I’m really EGG-cited about this file, it turned out so sweet!



(personal use)

(I’m trying BOX for my files - let me know what you think?)

I used some sewing on this card, though I’m sure glue might work fine too.  I like the special touch sewing adds.  (besides, its good for me to keep up my sewing skills so I don’t sew over my finger again)  You need to decide and sew your lace parts on BEFORE you sew the bottom section or the top section together. 


This is a fun 3 part project.  A simple card base (definately does not have to be white - a coloured cardstock might be the ticket for YOU!) and then the actual EGG parts (no, not a white and a yolk, tho that is a funny thought) - actually four pieces, two for the top, two for the bottom with holes in the top part through which you can put a brad (I used a rather large dollar store brad, you might want to make your own holes smaller if you want to use a smaller brad - or even remove the holes out of the file and use a punch the size you desire)  and lastly, the inside “egg is a sketch file with a cut for the edge (you will have to set your machine to do this, i’ve created all the lines the same) I chose my designer paper to be one that is one sided, of a crisp stock.  The reason for one sided is so you sketch the sentiment on one side.  A nice touch is all I’m saying.  I’m all about the details.


Note - the butterflies are included - but not the flowers - the flower is from the Silhouette Store. 

Use a couple of glue dots to adhere your “EGG” to the card base but do mention this in your greeting to the person receiving it - they may like the option of taking it off of the card base and sticking it…on the fridge?




I liked it so much I created a “batch” of these sweet little cards.


  1. Barb, this is so lovely and kind of you to share. Thank you. Hugs, Debbie

  2. I sure do love this great little egg card! It is the cutest thing. Thanks for sharing it. hugs, Patty

  3. What an AWESOME idea..and so SWEET too!!! Thank you so much for sharing your idea and the cutting files too!


  4. Beautiful cards Sis, I love the soft colours and papers you used. Wonderful idea and thank you for the cut file.


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