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Brag Monday #182 Tabby Cat “HELLO” Card (FREE file)

My friend Rachel has had me build her some custom greeting cards lately and I jump at the chance because it pushes me to be creative.  She wanted to thank a local business for a small kindness, and she requested a tabby cat - grey, if possible because there was one there while she was waiting.  I said I would see what I could do. 


I say YAY for Graphics Fairy - she always comes to my rescue with just the perfect images.  I mean what are the chances of finding a GREY tabby cat?  So, I brought the image into my photoshop and cropped the edges on it first to remove a bit of a drop-shadow then I saved it, brought it into my Silhouette software and traced it.  Please credit Graphics Fairy and even visit her blog too when you use this image!!! She is so generous to provide these incredible graphics at no cost. I’m linking up with the Brag Monday #182 with this project.

Click HERE to visit!

The Tabby Cat print and cut sheet is all set up for a sheet of Letter Size paper - be sure to tweak your settings in your printer and check it reflects this in your Silhouette software as well.  This will print and cut 4 cats on one page.

I designed and cut the tag next and the inner circle.  I used some foil cardstock.  You could use regular if you did not have foil and then stamp it silver, or perhaps paint it with silver nail polish.  I scoop nail polish at thrifts and yard sales for re-coloring embellishments because there are wonderful colors for pennies.  I actually used my Silhouette to “write” the greeting in sketch pen and I’ll include the “hello” and “with thanks” sentiments.  They are sized to fit nicely in the charm and all pieces fit a 1/4 fold card nicely.  I did fill the lettering in with a black PaperMate gel pen - I ♥ these pens, they are smooth and bold. 

Note: It takes a bit of “grouping” and “un-grouping” to put the writing on the tag and keep everything in place.  If you’re a newbie it may be very confusing.  The simplest way I can explain is to do this: To write and cut the inner circle - the sentiment then the cut do this:

  1. position the inner tag where you want it on the matt in the software
  2. ungroup the two pieces (Ctrl + u)
  3. select the circle and drag it off of the cutting area
  4. load your cardstock into the Silhouette machine
  5. insert your Silhouette Sketch Pen in the holder - set the Cut Settings to “Silhouette Sketch Pens” then choose “cut”  do NOT remove the paper at this time.
  6. next, go up to the undo button or use Ctrl + z until both pieces are together again.  now, take select the sentiment and move it off of the cutting area. 
  7. set the Cut Settings to “plain cardstock” and then replace the Sketch Pen with your blade, adjusted to the “3” mark.
  8. cut the tag.  Voila! 

Now you are able to close your file if you are done - when you do and the program asks you if you want to “save the changes” before closing choose NO! 

My method might be backwards to other peoples, but it works for me.  I like the freedom to create my own sentiments, snugged in perfectly to my projects.  I find stamps lovely but somewhat confining.  That’s just the designer boss in me haha!



The designer paper is Tan Wag Pattern “Motif” by Recollections from Michaels

The final touch is adding some Glossy Accents to the eyes.  It makes the eyes shine, like a real cat’s would. 

Here are the cutting files for this fun cat card.  I’d love it if you might consider a donation toward my time and effort.  It all gets ploughed back into supplies.  I don’t have an official “job” so every bit is very appreciated.  I ♥ to keep things forever ‘FREE’ for you here if possible.




I’d like to share some photos of spring “springing” down at the coast over the Easter weekend - enjoy!

1-abby photos test2


1-abby photos test3

1-abby photos test4

1-abby photos test5

1-abby photos test6

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  1. wow love the tabby cat ...awesome found. Yes Graphic Fairy has some awesome stuff. Love your outdoor pictures ...looks like an awesome place or places. Looks like the weather was with you.
    Well got to go download the cat...see if I can create a neat cat card....thanks for sharing.


  2. Thank you so much for sharing your Tabby Cat file.:) I LOVE the way your card turned out and your "Spring Springing" photos are AWESOME!

    Huge hugs!

  3. I have missed seeing your photographic talents, my firend! it was so nice to see these photos. what was even nicer was the photographic reassurance that spring really HAS sprung on the coast - even if the weather tends to contradict that LOL. My favorite is the big mossy tree. it reminds me of the ones in the forests on vancouver island that we used to build forts around as kids. awesome!


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