Friday, December 02, 2005


This year's card is out.

Other than a few 'stragglers', I've mailed out my Christmas Cards. I was 'beat to the punch' by Aunt Betty, but I think I would have to send at the end of summer vacation to get a head start on her! I've designed our own card again this year, using Corel Painter IX. I used the conte crayons and airbrushes. The cards printed off very nicely on our little printer - surprisingly nicely in fact. I trimmed them to the circle shape and applied glitter along the snowy branch and finished the card off with a loop of gold thread to make it hang like an ornament.

Because I have been so caught up with all this, I lavished my dearest yesterday with a flower and sliver of decadent mousse cake made at our sweet Odelights bakery. We have a tradition started of sharing Dim Sum for breakfast on Saturdays when we can, at the bakery. It is prepared 'squeeky' fresh and is the best way to start ones day.

The weather is cold, and snow dusts the area off and on, but so far, nothing like what everyone else seems to be suffering.

Have a Wonderful Day out there!

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