Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I'm hardly breaking new news to you - for all of the stores have already begun. But I'd not thought about the SHOPPING and MAKING THAT LIST end of things until my sister mentioned the other day (being the organized side of the family tree) that she was 'making her list' and actually buying things.

So, I thought that I should put a bug in your ear. I posted a few days ago about the fact that the Sophia Sarducci shop is closing - the doors will shut forever on November 17th. Until then, we are hosting a blow-out sale of ALL products.

The following are some of my (OLIVIA DORAZIO) Christmas products you can scoop at 1/2 price off (and there are many more Christmas and other themed products including all sorts of Commercial use Vectors!)

Just click HERE to be transported the Sophia Sarducci Shop!

Festive Glitters kit

Sale: $1.50
Save: 50% off

Festive Glitters is the perfect finishing touch to add some pizzazz to any holiday layout! In this set you'll find a dozen richly detailed and fabulously sparkly elements that'll make your holiday pages pop!


12 fun, high-quality elements in png format

(includes 4 color variations on the light!)



Sale: $1.00
Save: 50% off

These frames are high quality and glamorous! Frame your most special projects with a luxurious metallic frame in rich colors. Some frames come embellished with lifelike beads and stars. A have to have this Christmas!

Set Includes:

12 High quality holiday-themed frames

Christmas Windows

Sale: $1.00
Save: 50% off

Christmas Windows - What will we see when we peek in through the frosted panes? What wonder awaits inside on a snowy Christmas morning? This set of 3 Christmas Window Frames are the perfect way to capture the splendor of unwrapping presents, the sweetness of a kiss under the mistletoe or a gathering of friends and family to celebrate the holiday.

Set Includes:

three windows, featuring one, two or six frosty panes.

1 soft and blurry background layer

Personal Use

Winter Festival (combo set)

Sale: $5.00
Save: 50% off

Winter Festival (combo pack) - As the temperature drops and the snow falls on the ground, winter fun abounds! Here in the Winter Festival collection you'll find products perfect for capturing the the splendor and adventure of wintertime holidays and fun!

Why make yourself choose from just a few of Olivia's Snowflake Sets – treat yourself this Christmas, early, by purchasing the entire set at a discounted price. You'll be glad you did!

Set Includes:

Christmas Windows

Snowflake Swirlies

Snowflake Frames

Snowflake Set

Snowflake Overlays

Christmas Frostyballs

Personal Use


  1. Thank you, Mrs. Miles. I am going to have to check it out. These would make great Christmas gifts for my sil.

    Hope you are having a great week, my friend!

  2. Good Morning Barb!:)
    I was sooo busy yesterday.Went shopping with Christy until after four in the afternoon.Whew!I didn't know I had it in me any more.LOL We have started our Christmas shopping too..but things are gonna be different this year.Not so much and not so costly.KWIM? Jim just told me this morning that if we just spent fifty dollars a piece on each of our immediate family members..it would be over five hundred dollars!!That is depressing!!:( Good thing the grand kids are spoiled rotten by their parents.LOL They get sooo much from them..that they open the gift ..throw it aside to see what the next one is.I can remember my Christmas one year as a little girl.I got a toothbrush and a bottle of hand lotion.A lady from our church gave me a brides doll.Soo pretty!:) That was the year my Dad had pnemonia and had spent two weeks in the hospital recovering.You just never know when you give a gift..what it could mean to some one.:)
    Anyway...I wanted to stop by and remind you that I am still around.LOL
    Have a wonderful day!


  3. All your designs are truly WONDERFUL!! :D

  4. Oh my dear friend, while I know ALL things happen for a purpose, I am sorry to see Sophia's closing.

    I have OBVIOUSLY missed out on some VERY beautiful designs by you Barb!!! WOW! LOVE the Christmas goodies! WOO HOO - you are DEFINITELY talented and I am SO hoping that you will find a NEW home for your WONDROUS creations for ALL of us to enjoy!

    Linda :)


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