Tuesday, March 03, 2009

A Mish-Mosh Post


Today’s post is a whole mess of things so without further ado, here we go. 

The Mr. and I were invited out on Monday night to our friend Rose and Ken’s place to celebrate his birthday!  Rose went all out – from a full Turkey-Lurkey dinner to laying out full settings and silver to dressing herself in a beautiful dress for the occasion. 


That’s Rose in her gorgeous dress, next to the birthday “boy” Ken.  Peeking over Ken’s shoulder is niece Angela and on the far right brother Al is taking the photo taking opportunity to sneak some of the good food.


Even though nobody imbibed anything stronger than Ken’s non-alcoholic succulent homemade punch (is that classed as punch without the “punch”?)   In spite of us all having our wits about us… the butter did a vertical flip onto the pristine white tablecloth *GASP*   I won’t tell who *wink*


Hummmmm… ya think the number candles on Ken’s cake MIGHT have got put in backwards – perhaps?   Hay, legally you can get your driver’s licence this year – Ken!


Nope!   Anyone acting like this is still no grown up.  Maybe he never will be? 

At any rate, a good evening was had by all and we loved the opportunity to celebrate this milestone for our friend Ken. 


I’ve been tagged AND awarded.  Whew!  Thank you to Pat from over at her Turtle’s Rainbow blog for ‘taggin’ me… but erm… I just finished being tagged a post ago and my tagger’s worn out so you will have to ‘scuze and forgive me for not doing the six, 6, SIXTH photo thing all over again.  But I DO sincerely thank you for thinking of me! 


hmmm – yes, Shirley – my shoe fits… in fact, both do?  Haha!



this award is given to bloggers who are perceived to be

'real in who they are'

And Shirley, bless your little heart, has given me not one but TWO awards.  Holy Smokes!  (anyone know where this phrase comes from, anyhow?  I searched and the closest I could come to an answer was it may refer to to the Catholic Priests burning incense?)    Well, Shirley, I hope you too will forgive me for hogging these and not passing them on.  I know thats so bad of me but I just honestly cannot do it, and my conscience would torture me to madness if I just was not upfront with this. THANK YOU though – I love GETTING awards.  I’m just a lazy-bumm award taker, ya, thats me alright.  You can visit Shirley yourself by clickin’ HERE.


Even though I’m a baddie, some of my good blog friends are NOT…

Eileen has been designing up a storm and she has some very nice denim and wood look QuickPages for y’all!  I have not been over to Eileen’s place for a while and am blown away by how fast she’s begun to put out wonderful scrapbooking items for you to download – for free!  Just scoot on over to her A Day in the Life Of blog to get yours.

And Alicia – she’s always got something good for your soul on her blog – and now she’s having a giveaway as well!  She’s offering a Journal, notebook and Starbucks certificate!  Visit her on her Confessions of a Snowflake blog to find out how to put your name in for these items.

Whew – I just had to COME BACK and add in ANOTHER beeeYEWteefal kit for grabs – from talented Louise who we all know from her LouCee Creations Blog.  What a STUNNER of a kit, imaginative and clever.  Way to go, Louise – I’m snaggin’ this one RIGHT AWAY!

And if that does not send you over the edge, why this sure will… a new free release (gorgeous!) from none other than the Shabby Princess!  Woot!


And my dear Irish blog friend JanMary is hosting her own event called a St. Patricks Day Blogging Carnival, which will prove to be a huge success and fun too, going by JanMary’s past events!  She has a lovely prize just waiting for you to win as well.  You can find instructions on her Welcome to My World blog.

And seeing as St. Patrick’s day is coming up on us soon, I decided that I would give you an element I made quite some time ago, with JanMary in mind.  Its a scanned element of a lovely souvenir handkerchief corner that may come in handy for your own layouts!  Its aproximately 8 inches wide and something like 5 long.  I did not scan the entire thing, but used cleverly between photos or columns it could be a nice addition to your own take on St. Patricks Day. 

I’m going to host it at onedrop.io  again until I’m sure that things are all-clear at 4shared… anyone got an update on that?  If you have a problem downloading from onedrop just let me know and I’ll help you out.



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  1. You are such a sweet blessing my friend! Thanks for all of the sharing that you do. And thank you for mentioning my giveaway.

    Take care my friend!
    Love ya girl!

  2. Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 03 Mar [LA 07:00pm, NY 10:00pm] - 04 Mar [UK 03:00am, OZ 02:00pm] ).

  3. Morning Barb, you'll have to tell Ken that the way he wears the cuddly toy is perfect to keep one warm in the winter, all the heat goes out through the top of your head.. why i reckon everyone should wear one!
    who tipped the butter.. huh huh! not YOU was it....
    I love you irish hanky Barb.
    thank you for the pimp you have given me too!
    hugs to you.

  4. Thanks so much for linking to my blog and promoting the St Patricks Day carnival.

    Love the irish hanky - you did such a great job with it.


  5. i LOVE the birthday photos! it looks like a GREAT time! :) Thank you so very much for sharing ALL that you do! big CONGRATS on your awards! you sure wear them well! ;) Have a BEAUTIFUL day!

  6. Loved your post. Looks like you had a fun birthday and enjoyed some good food.
    Congratulations on the awards!

  7. Thank you for the mention, that was very sweet. It is not that I had any kind of creative block before, it was just a matter of the organization. Once I had all my photo graphs in order, and all the family photos scanned, it was easier to apply the photos to specific kits. I just needed a better handle on what I had for photos, and what I could do with them. Not to mention that I most likely had a great deal of help from above.

    It was nice of you to stop by - it has been awhile.

    Has the winter Arctic freeze hit you. It is supposed to hit us tomorrow. I am ready for spring, even though we still have a little bit of a wait... I would not mind completely skipping over mud season. LOL

    Have a delightful day...


  8. Bonjour Mrs Miles,
    I've understood most of your post, that your friend has just turned 16,that the butter made quite a show, i just have to look up one word in the dictionary : "Beeeyewtiifal" to progress with my English... ;)
    Merci beaucoup for this "beau" (in French) handkerchief !
    C from Paris :D

  9. Hi Mrs Miles... I sure am missing you.. Thank you for the wonderful post... as always you have so much information and fun things to check out. Hugs.. Joy


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