Thursday, December 06, 2007


Our twin brothers are turning ?? (haha, won't gossip about your possible age here - I'll let everyone 'speculate all on their own) I thought about making a card - but then I thought for the effort it would take I could make a little something that everyone can share in.

If you would like to say thanks to the Brothers for inspiring this kit I would suggest you visiting Barry's wife's Judy (our sister in law's) blog and leave a comment there. Unfortunately Bill does not have a blog, but I'm sure Barry would pass your greetings on to Bill. Just click HERE to be taken to Judy's blog!

Bill and Barry are (MUCH OLDER THAN ME) two wonderful, talented guys who are gifted in many ways. Barry is very skilled with his hands - building professional quality furniture, cabinets, cupboards and many other projects out of a variety of wood. He does not look at a tree as a tree, I'm sure his brain is always on overdrive making some wood item out of it! I bet every single one of us in the family has a bit of Barry's talent gracing our homes. In our home, we have a beautiful wooden fishing tackle box - far to nice and delicate to ever take out on the lake! Bill can 'turn a mean duck' - no, you quail eaters, I don't mean cooking it on an open fire, but I mean carving one out of wood. He can make loons appear out of a plain piece of wood. And of course, they like ICE FISHIN'

Because they must be MUCH OLDER THAN ME (haha) they have the wisdom to work out these amazing projects.

Barry, Bill, we wish you the best birthday ever. We hope you have a terrific day, and we know you will be spoiled by your lovely families! Our best wishes to you! We LOVE you!


I was out taking pictures when we got our first skiff of snow recently. Every little bit of grass or dried twig supported a tiny cap of snow, so I set out to capture the moment. I even inspired Judy to try her hand at catching the last remnants of summer's color in a withering orange daisy - I think her take on it was beautiful - which you'll see if you visit her blog.

We've sure had the entire spectrum of weather lately. Snow, rain, sun - and today has dawned with a soft blanket of fog lingering. I have been thinking of all you folk on the Washington/Oregon coast who have been hit so hard - how devastating for many of you!

Speaking of weather, it brings to mind an article I saw yesterday on climate - in particular one about Global Warming. I liked the viewpoint this was taken from. This scientist writes a "100 Year Letter" - basically a letter to his grandchildren, speaking about how the world was before we messed it up. He also invites concerned readers to compose their own 100 Year Letter. What would YOU write?

Simon Donner, a climate scientist at the University of British Columbia, contributed one of the “100-Year Letters” gaging ways to tell the climate story, which sprawls across time and geography and relates to every life decision, from turning off the lights to pulling a lever in a voting booth to choosing a vocation.

To find out more, just click HERE


Now that I've also opened up the conversation about phototgraphy - I must share a wonderful new feature I found for photos. If you are a Flickr user, (and if you're not, you should check out this FREE service) They have just added the ability for you to do some basic fixes to your photos. I would say they compare to the fixes you have with Picasa - but hay, a photographer can't have too many great (free) tools, right? I find Flickr a wonderful asset to my blogging, that along with the FLOCK browser - its a snap! Drag - drop, drag, drop, really, how hard can that be?

So how do you find the new photo editing feature for Flickr? Once you have uploaded a photo there, just look for the new little button above your photo that says Edit Photo - simple as that. In case you would like to read an article on it, just click HERE.


I also came across another handy site - which I thought might come in handy, being that many churches etc may be giving powerpoint presentations. I found a site which offers a large array of FREE powerpoint presentation backgrounds - and they are NICE! Without further ado, here's the link for you - just click HERE.

Well, I must vanish again for a day or two - I'm helping my friend Olivia try to get some more Christmas kits ready for her store. My dear friend Melanie and I are going to spend the morning in our Jammies playing with ArtRage on the computers - she spent the night and we tore down the Lego Robots the gifted kids built in Miles last session with them. It took us several hours to seperate all the little pieces out, so we feel we deserve to play ... we may even get to share with you!

Have a wonderful day!


  1. very nice, accept i don't celabrate any more.(hehehe) It was nice and much appreciated.
    sis you are so talented.

    Thanks Barry

  2. Hi sis the layout...the boys sure love it to ....and I love the winter flower pictures you and Mel have fun today ..and remember to have a cup of tea for me ya

  3. Good Afternoon Barb:)
    I stopped by to catch up on your blog and there is just too much to comment on it all.LOL
    First...Happy Birthday to Barry and Bill.!! and....I love the kit..thank you so much for the gift.:)
    I love your pics of the flowers with snow.Soo pretty to see that fresh cap of snow on them.:)
    Thank you also for the powerpoint presentation brother will love that if he doesn't already know about it.:)
    Hope you have a wonderful time designing with Olivia..she is really good and so are it is a great team effort.:)

    Have a wonderful day in your jammies.:)Those are the best days!!:)


  4. me again...Oh if I had only known we were having another Jammie party!!:) I will have to go get mine back like the red or pink ones?LOL
    Thanks for stopping by again..I was at your place and you were at mine.We need to call each other first.LOL

  5. Thanks soo much for the GREAT freebie, BEAUTIFUL pictures, links and FUN blog!!! oh and for visiting me too!! Have fun please stay safe til your return! :D

  6. Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is about to list this blog post!

  7. Hi you YOUNG thing you! ... laying it on a bit thick there!!! Ha, ha.

    Great pics ... love those hoary headed daisies! I see they've let THEIR hair go gray/white ... showing off their wisdom.

    I do have a Flickr account ... just don't use it much ... so I'll have to go and revisit these new and improved additions! Thanks for all the tips!

  8. WOW- those photo's are AWESOME!! Loved the 'icing sugar' discription!LOL. My flowers are all blooming in the garden now - so nice to see- new garden- new flowers! YIPPEEEEE-
    Hope you play nicely- going to do that now too- hahahaha
    Sending hot warm SA huggies!

  9. Hello there!!! This is Faith Shelley........I came across your blog and have really enjoyed it. I love your pictures...The other day we were just talking about you when the subject of great printers came up and the benefits of owning one...We were just chatting about your great printer and the life you two have built for yourselves based on your shared talents....It is nice to share stories of great people like yourselves with friends...Life is so very interesting, thank the Lord! Well, I hope you are having a smashing holiday......
    God Bless

  10. FAITH!!! Well hello to you. Its amazing because you have been on my heart - wondered what you have been up to. I hope you read this, and I will blog tomorrow and if you don't read here then perhaps I'll catch your eye there! Please email me if you can at

  11. Love the sumac picture especially. I didn't get out to take pix on any of those snowy days because I've been sick, sick, SICK! Actually looking forward to it snowing once more to maybe get a few captures like this!

  12. Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is going to list this blog post today.


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