Thursday, September 07, 2006


Smoke continues to hang in our valley, thick and heavy. It makes for georgeous sunsets, and the moon hangs like a big cheese-ritz cracker in the sky at night, but I am sure these observations bring no joy to anyone who has breathing problems, or is worried about the loss of their property. From what I could gather this morning from the radio, the fire crews have the tiny community of Eastgate - by Manning Provincial Park, on evacuation alert. Won't you pray for these folks, take a moment out of your day. You can see what our town looks like with the smoke by visiting the Sandy Beach Motel live webcam HERE

Pray, also, for the firefighters - they put their lives on the line for us all. You may want to share the following link with them and their families - its a link for Firefighters for Christ - and there is a worship music mp3 download for them. Check it out HERE

My friend Janice, and her sweet boys stopped by for our first visit since before summer. What a blessed time together! The boys gave me biiiiig hugs and headed for the toys! Janice and I drooled over photography magazines. Janice's dream is to 'do' photography - and she certainly has the eye for it. With a young family to raise, she only recently recieved the funds to finally realize her dream of purchasing a 'GOOD' digital slr camera. She's asked Miles and I to come with her (what a huge compliment!) when she goes to pick out 'the one'.


Clip and Print those Coupons!

Did you know...

(keeping you in suspence)

Did you know that you can actually print out manufacturers coupons ONLINE? Yes, its absolutely true. I found one link through a magazine article which caused me to go sniff out more links for you all online! The link which I found was for a Canadian website, so I also looked for some for you folks in the U.S. Who does not like FREE?

I also went to the local dollar store and picked up, for $1.50, a nifty little plastic organizer which has little sections inside.


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  1. thanks for the info and yes please pray for the fellows and their families who are on the fires..our son-in-law is one of them he is station over by the Manning Park Fire..our daughter and grandkids are over with him...thanks for the tips BArb and the free coupon ideas

  2. The firefighters and the beef farmers are in my prayers as well. We live in Cawston not far from you and my husband and 5 others are going up to the cattle pasture to try and hopefully bring down the cattle without troubles. I fear for their safety, they left early this morning and lets just say I'm worried.
    And I would like to add that you do some lovely work as well. Thanks for sharing.


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